Saturday, 22 November 2014

Budget? What budget?!

Here is the second part of my christmas gift guide, this one is more luxury items that any dog would love to have! :-)

Mutts and Hounds - Dachshund Line Pillow Dog Bed in size Small

Now this is something i've had my eye on for quite a while, and winning the £20 voucher from PetsPyjamas meant that I just had to have it! Everything about this bed is gorgeous and just feels so luxurious.  I ordered size small as Lily likes to curl up on her bed rather than stretch out, it is incredibly good quality and really soft and squidgy which Lily loves.  I really love the fabric - I personally think red looks great with chocolate coloured dachshunds ;-)

Mulberry x Mungo & Maud - Hibiscus & Sea Blue Calf Leather collar

Following on from the red theme, we have a collar from the Mulberry and Mungo & Maud collaboration, now as a huge mulberry fan this was something I just had to have regardless of price! It's made in a similar style to the M&H baseball collar (which Lily also has!) bit is double the width. It's finished with silver hardware, and instead of the silver M&H disk that usually features on their collar it has a silver Mulberry one which I adore, it really finishes it off. :)

Louis Vuitton Baxter Monogram dog collar

This is my absolute favourite dog related item, it's just so chic and timeless, the fit is perfect and it's absolutely stunning. It's made with all the bells and whistles of a LV handbag, right down to the tiny gold monogram studs around the edge. One of my favourite parts of the collar is the leather monogramed LV ID tag that hangs next to the buckle. This collar by far is worth every single penny.

Hope you enjoyed this post, the next one is a stocking filler type post :-)

Thanks for reading,
Jaime & Lily xo


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