Monday, 2 February 2015

Adventures in Raw Feeding!

I feel that the whole raw feeding movement is something that's become far more accessible to people in everyday situations whereas before it seemed to be more niche to working dogs, the amount of brands and variety now offered is incredible anything from standard tripe, chicken carcasses to nuggets of raw food ready to defrost and feed!

Lily had been suffering from dry skin on and off since we've had her and every time I looked into it Raw was offered as a solution which without researching it fully the idea of the dog eating a chicken wing made me cringe!! 
So I decided to look into it in more detail, there are numerous companies that sell raw food in various different forms: tubs, blocks, cubes, minced the list goes on! But one brand that stood out to me was Natures Menu. The girls have had their treats for a while and love them so I did some more research. 

The Natures menu range of raw food comes in two main varieties; their regular selection and the Country Hunter range. Both types come pre-cubed which you simply defrost and then feed. I get 4 cubes out every evening and pop them in the fridge so by the following evening they're ready for Lily to eat (I should point out that she gets dry kibble in the morning and her main meal, the raw in the evening!). 
I bought a 1kilo bag of the country hunter Salmon & Raspberry nuggets, she as mentioned above has 4 a day which means that the kilo bag lasts ages and is super cost effective for her size! I've noticed that with her old dry food that she would rush it and I'm sure she didn't chew the kibble either! But watching her eat the country hunter food she really takes her time and enjoys it! 
Lily's only tried one flavour so far but she really likes it! I'll probably get one of the other flavours next time so she doesn't get bored, I'm also curious about the freeze dried treats they make, so that's another thing to add to the list! 

Thank you for reading,
Jaime & Lily xo


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