Monday, 6 March 2017

Our Crufts Adventure!

I've been to Crufts many times both with and without show dogs, what makes 2017 special is that it's mine and Sev's first time on that infamous green carpet!
Severus qualified for Crufts last May at Bath aged 12 months, and every time we've entered a Championship Show since he's managed to do the same! 2016 was a very successful year for Sev in the showring he's consistently done well and i'm so ridiculously excited for Crufts! (and very nervous!!)

The photos above were taken at Bath :-)
The photo below was taken of Sev in August at a show, slightly different to his usual photos!

I asked on twitter if anyone would be interested in a behind the scenes type post about Cruft and lots of people said that they did so here we go!

For us the Crufts prep starts weeks in advance, I'm a big fan of supplements to make sure he's looking the best that he possibly can, our ultimate staple is the Dorwest's  Omega Star, Sev has been on this since May and it really is brilliant, he coat looks shiny and feels so soft! I'm sure it makes his coat easier to maintain whilst he's been having this too!

For a normal show I do most of Sev's grooming myself as he's pretty easy to sort out (the main two areas are making sure his nails are short and that his feet are trimmed neatly) but this year i'm cheating! Sev is booked into our favourite dog groomers to have his feet trimmed, nails cut and teeth descaled - he will be competing against the best so needs to look his best!

As we will be going up the day before so he's booked into the groomers at 11, he will go home and be straight into the bath!
I have a failsafe bathing routine using three of my favourite products; firstly I wash him with a Biogance Long Coat shampoo, this isn't my favourite scent wise but it really does work! I always shampoo Sev twice, the second shampoo I use more for the nice scent which is the John Paul Pet "Awapoochi" Shampoo, this smells incredible and makes Sev smell divine!
And finally I use a conditioner just because it makes drying his coat easier and helps with getting it to sit correctly - no sticky up skirts at Crufts thank you! I use the John Paul Pets Awapoochi conditioner, another favourite!

Sev went to a championship show on Saturday and due to me putting him in the wrong class didn't place but preformed beautifully so fingers crossed he will do well at Crufts as he's in the right class this time!
Myself and Sev will be at Crufts on Thursday (9th) and I will also be there on Saturday with Isla (11th). Super excited to see everyone and hopefully finally get round to meeting some of our blogger friends! If you see us, please feel free to say hello! :-)
Thank you for reading, hopefully see you there!
Jaime & Sev (and Lily who'll be staying at home!) xo


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