Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Discover Dogs Wishlist!

Every year before big events I write a shopping list in an attempt at keeping control of my spending - usually this doesn't help. but it's still fun to do! I'm being quite sensible this year as the gang don't really need anything!
So here's whats on this years' list!

Teddy Maximus:
Holly makes so many gorgeous things and i'd quite happily buy the lot, but these are my must buys!
Navy Signature Print Bowtie - £15.95

Navy Signature Print Harness - £49.99

Dapper Pets:
I've got a list of things to pick up from Dapper for a work colleague and whenever I see them I always pick up a new collar and lead set for Daisy so this year I plan on grabbing one of the winter limited editions.
Winter Snowflake Collar

Winter Snowflake Lead

Lily's Kitchen:
I love Lily's Kitchen's festive range so will be stocking up as well as grabbing some of their new Natural range! Daisy isn't raw fed so will be picking up a can of their festive wet food as a treat!
Christmas Cracker Treats

Three Bird Feast

Cotswold Raw:
They sell some of our favourite natural treats and we'll be stocking up as we've run out!
Beef Twists

Lambs Ears (a bit gross, but the perfect size for Dachshunds!)

Mabel & Mu:
It wouldn't be a shopping list without a bit of Mabel & Mu! I'm obsessed with their bow ties and own nearly the whole range! This time i'll be grabbing one of their new halloween prints as well as some of the more festive prints.
Bat Cave Bow Tie

Winter Pine Bow Tie

I am also planning on popping to the Benyfit stall in the hope they have a big show offer on their raw as we're running super low!

Are you going to Discover Dogs? We will be there on Sunday with Chloe and Winnie
Thank you for reading!
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo


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