Friday, 9 January 2015

Red Dingo Delivery #2

Those of you that follow me on Twitter will know that I'm a little bit obsessed with red dingo dog collars, so naturally when my favourite pet website; had a sale that included most of the RD range I had to buy one (or four!!)

The first three are for Lily who already has 6 RD collars ranging from daisy print to neon pink, I'm quite fussy about what colours I'll put on Lily usually sticking to pinks so I decided to order two purple collars.

I picked out the "Breezy Love" in purple which I'd previously been on the fence over, but in person it's actually gorgeous and I actually think I prefer it to the pink version that we already own! The webbing of the collar is a deep purpley pink, which really sets the lighter heart printed ribbon off - it's a girlie collar without being too in your face! 

The second collar I picked out is the "Daisy Chain" in purple, this is a much more standard purple colour than the first one as it's quite a bit darker, we also own the original blue version (this was Lily's first RD collar!) it's a smart yet pretty addition to our collection. 

And finally I picked out the plain pale pink collar, definitely didn't need this one, but sometimes it's nice to have a plain collar:-) 

The main reason for the order was to get a bigger sized RD collar for Isla as she'd previously been wearing one of Lily's! We picked out the "Brown with Pink Polkadots" as it looks gorgeous on Lily who's slightly lighter than Isla, it's a lovely subtle collar which really suits Isla! :-) 

I'd say this will be the last time I need to order collars for a while but knowing me as soon as the new designs come out no doubt all three dogs will just have to get new ones! ;-)

Thanks for reading, 
Jaime & Lily xo


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