Friday, 8 April 2016

My Top 5 Grooming Products!

I've been asking various times what shampoos I use so I decided to write this!
Being the owner of 2 show dogs, one with a long full coat i'm constantly on the look out for high quality grooming products that will keep my two looking their best; so here are my five favourites!
It was especially convenient because today was bath day for Sevy! (he get's bathed the day before a show! Lily doesn't but there is a product at the end of this post that I use on her!)
Firstly I should explain that this is specifically for a show day and that for normal mud/beach/fox poo incidents I only shampoo Sev once.
The first shampoo I use on him is the John Paul Pets "Awapoochi Shampoo" this stuff is incredible and smells divine! I'm constantly on the look out for new shampoos but this is the only one i've been loyal too for over a year! It makes Sev's coat super shiny and feel lovely! I also use this on Lily and it makes her ridiculously shiny and soft too, its a fab product that i'd 100% recommend.

The second shampoo is one that is specifically for Sev, after he's been deep cleaned with the previous product I use the Biogance Long Coat shampoo. This one is one of my newer acquisitions but is really lovely, the smell is lovely but not too feminine or floral which is nice. I apple this to Sev's feathers, tail and down his back then let it sit for a minute before rinsing off. This is slightly harder to get hold of being a French brand, but totally worth it if you can find it! 
The final shampoo type product is one that was recommended to me by a friend who has top winning show Cocker Spaniels, Mane n' Tail conditioner! Originally designed for horses, then coveted by the fashion pack and now my go to dog conditioner! It promises healthier, thicker hair and it definitely does that! I apply it to Sev's feathers, chest and tail, not only does his coat feel fab but is so easy to groom, after using this he never has tangles and always looks his best! It does have a strange formula, which reminded mum of thick custard which is a bit odd the first time you use it, worth it though! We bought ours from Liberty London
Next up is the first of two non-bath products; this is another show dog recommendation that i've been using for quite a long time, the Artero "Flash" spray, this is a product that leaves the coat with a high shine without being sticky or leaving any nasty residue, I use this on Lily if her coat is lacking its usual sparkle, it last ages too which is a bonus! I've found it suitable for all of our gangs coat types, from long and silky to smooth. 
And finally one of my newer buys, which I actually found in TkMaxx of all places! It is a detangling spray by the brand Biosilk the Detangling and Shine Spray - I never knew they did a pet range until I saw this (I use the human equivalent on my own hair!) This spray smells divine and leaves the coat feeling soft and tangle free. Sev is groomed daily so doesn't get tangles, but Daisy our Cocker Spaniel (who actually comes to Swampy due to her always being wet and gross!) is prone to them and this stuff once sprayed onto the coat and left for a couple of minutes makes removing knots easy peasy! I honestly don't know how I coped before I found this! 

I hope that you find this interesting and helpful, if you've got any other questions either comment below or tweet me on @Fachshund
Thank you for reading,
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo


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