Wednesday, 12 October 2016

September Favourites

Can't believe September is over already and that we're into October! I actually started planning the Christmas blog series/posts earlier - eek!

Firstly we have a re-occouring favourite, the Lily's Kitchen Fish Chews, they get a special mention this month as sadly they're being discontinued - sob! Luckily i've started an unintentional stockpile... haha!
We love these and they are by far the best flat, fish skin chew on the market they retail at £3.99.

Secondly we have an item that we where kindly sent earlier in the month; The Poop Pot! As bizarre as this sounds its actually a really nifty little product, it's main purpose as the name implies is to store your used poo bags until you're at a bin etc, but they can also be used as a travel water/food bowl - which is what we've been using ours for. We received the size Large which is a perfectly sized collapsable travel bowl, not only is the design/packaging ridiculously cute, but it's really handy! Once they're back in stock I'll definitely be ordering the size small!

Another product that we where sent that I love is the Gencon All in One! This is magic, I swear! I've been testing the Gencon on our rather headstrong GSP Isla, all month. The simple head collar simply slides over the head and nose and stops the dog from pulling without being harsh, rubbing the face or riding up to the yes as various other brands we've tried do! Isla has previously tried many different head collars to stop her pulling the predecessor to the Gencon was a right faff to put on and often rubbed Isla's face, but we've had none of that with the Gencon! It's easy to slide on and off and adjust (I did a bit of experimenting as the website tells you that the All in 1 fits all breeds, and the same head collar genuinely did fit everyone from Ava to Sev!). Such a fab item and is now my go to when walking Isla!

And lastly we have Sev's harness from Puppichic, I have also written a separate post one which i'll link here. This really is a lovely harness, it doesn't rub and is very comfortable, it didn't squash Sev's coat either which lots of harnesses do! The link to buy your own is here.

Thank you for reading,
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo


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