Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The Bed of Dreams!

Lily is a fussy little so and so when it comes to beds, especially at bed time! I've lost count on how many beds i've specifically bought for her, which she's either sat in once or ignored, Lily sleeps upstairs separate from the rest of the pack (there's no actual reason for this, she just always has done!) she has a fabric crate set up with her favourite toys, a ridiculously overpriced bed - that was bought to match the decor upstairs and a big furry blanket; but will she sleep in it? No way!!
It's gotten to the point that i've given up trying to get her to sleep in one so I let her sleep in my bed! Naughty, I know! But that was until I took delivery of the bed of dreams!

I was very kindly contacted by Dee from Slumbering Hound after i'd asked for ideas/if anyone would be interested in being a part of my Christmas blog series (more on that soon!). I was so excited as everything on Slumbering Hound is just gorgeous!
Dee kindly sent me one of their Luxurious Slumber Beds with a tiny heart and a smooth haired dachshund embroidered in the corner, its absolutely gorgeous! The bed itself is red with white polka dots and lined with the softest sherpa fleece, the design of the bed features a lined pocket which allows the dogs to burrow in and snuggle up, keeping them warm and cosy.
The bed cover is removable and can be washed, replacement inner cushions are also available direct from SH.

Despite Lily's usual bed dislike she dived straight into this one and refused to get out! It has honestly taken three separate attempts to take photos because each time she has snuggled in and fallen asleep!
However, the real test would be at bed time; we followed our usual routine before I took her upstairs, she once again got straight into her bed and stayed there, she didn't even ask for her bedtime biscuit!


We absolutely love this bed, it's beautifully made and definitely worth every penny! I've looked at similar beds from a very well know brand before and the Slumbering Hound Slumber Bed is honestly so much better! If you've got a dachshund like Lily who feels the cold then this is the ultimate bed; I just wish I'd found one sooner!
Dee also included a red and white rope toy, which Sev loves! :-)

What we're wearing:
Lily's Collar

Thank you for reading;
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo


  1. I love how cosy and snuggly they look, I'd want mine to get in them all the time, but I doubt they would.
    So cute, you two xx

    Love Steph & The Spaniels