Saturday, 29 April 2017

Places To Visit - Lepe Beach

On Wednesday me and Sevy made the trip over to Lepe, Hampshire to meet up with our favourite Poodle gang (and their humans!) Tilly from SillyTillyPoodle, Colin & Rhapsody of Adventures of Doodles.

Amy and Tilly very kindly picked me and Sev up from the ferry and we headed straight to Lepe beach, due to a slight bit of planning confusion there was a delay in Emily and the gang getting to us but I think Sev appreciated the extra time one to one with Tilly (he can be quite grumpy with strange dogs but he got on so well with her and the rest of the gang, we had no problems all day! Even when we got mugged by a giant out of control labradoodle!).
Lepe beach really is gorgeous, there's a mixture of sandy beach, shingle and tarmac paths along with lots of gorgeous nature reserves, we walked as far as we could before heading off to Not For Cats to give Colin and emergency bath because he had rolled in something dead and disgusting! (separate post on Not For Cats to follow!)
Squad goals - Sev, Rhaps, Colin & Tilly
This will be quite a photo heavy post, the first set of photos are by me and the others are by the very talented Amy of Aura Photographs!
 Bows by Chloe Suzanne Designs (Sev's is buried under all that floof!)

 The coats behind Tilly is where I live, the Isle of Wight!
Bowtie by Bramble & Friends

Clearly more interested in Emily's treats than the camera!
And onto Amy's photos! (which are far more professional than mine!)

 New collars by Devil Dood Designs! 

Best pals!
Wheres your favourite beach?
Thank you for reading!
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo


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