Monday, 20 April 2015

Ruby & Duke box review!

Monthly subscription boxes have been quite popular for some time now and until I found the Ruby & Duke box I hadn't seen any that really stood out to me! 
R&D is a British company that provide a selection of four to six different high quality items that vary from toys to treats which are selected for you after submitting what size dog you have (I clicked the 10kg and under option as Lily is only tiny!) without waffling on anymore, here's our review! 

The Box itself:
My first impression of the box when it arrived this morning was that it was bigger than I was expecting which is a bonus! Inside the box is a pamphlet which explains the contents, the box is filled with wood shreddings which Lily enjoyed poking about in! 

The Box's contents:

Billy + Margot popcorn for dogs
I was especially excited to find b+m products in this months box, anyone who's been reading my blog for a while will know we love the brand! We've never tried it before but funnily enough I've bought them as part of a gift exchange with a friend! 

Double Knotted Rope Toy:
You really can't go wrong with a rope toy! This one is a variety of colours and is not too big or too small which makes it perfect for the girls to share 

Beco Spork
I found this incredibly amusing - who doesn't love a Spork?! Beco is a fabulous eco friendly company, we have numerous toys by the brand but I've never tried their other products, will test this out at dinner time! 

Rosewood Squeaky Cola Bottle:
This barely made it out of the box when Isla decided it was hers, she absolutely loves squeaky toys! The vinyl feels quite durable which is good, however after 45 minutes it was confiscated due to the noise, she's now only allowed it for short periods of time!! 

Lily's Kitchen Calming Treats:
Last but not least are these new treats from our favourite treat company, I was so excited when I saw these in the box! They are a perfect miniature dachshund alternative to the bed time biscuits as they are much smaller, I haven't found these in our local pet shop yet either! 

Overall I'd give the box a 4.5 out of 5! The girls loved all of the toys and treats and it was super good value for money and I'd totally recommend it! 
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Thank you for reading 
Jaime & Lily xo