Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Bath Wraps!

Just a quick review post today, of an item I ordered a few weeks back, I wanted to try it out before I reviewed it.

My Lily gets bathed every couple of months as she likes to pretend that she's a spaniel but when she's not galavanting around fields like a hooligan with our Cockers she's a show dog. And much to her disgust after each bath she has to be dried, but Lily absolutely hates the dryer and gets fed up of being rubbed with the towel so I set about looking for an alternative; thats when I found PuppiChic!

PuppiChic create unique and adorable pieces for dogs and have a specific Dachshund range! Upon finding their website ( I found their Bath Wraps.
I ordered the "Purple Polka Dot Bath Wrap" from their website and it arrived swiftly wrapped in the most gorgeous tissue paper decorated with peacock feather print! :-)
They are made of a good quality soft cream coloured towelling which is trimmed with ribbon around the collar and the adjustable belly strap.
Lily can be quite fussy with what she'll tolerate but I put this on her after her bath and she ran around and even fell asleep wearing it - about 20 minutes later and she was completely dry and happy!

I would totally recommend both this product and the brand, as they also provide a service where they will custom make products to perfectly fit your dog which I think is a really unique idea in the pet industry! :-)

Below are two photos of the first time Lily tried it on - it fit hers perfectly and she looks so cute in it! :-)

Fresh out of the bath! :-)

The Purple Bath Wrap:
Thank you for reading;
Jaime & Lily xo

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Billy + Margot goodies!


Todays post will feature a small review on a few of Billy + Margot products that we've tried and tested! I bought them a while ago, but didn't want to write this until the dogs had actually tried them!

Billy + Margot are a UK based company that featured on the TV program Dragon's Den. All of their range are UK based filled with healthy and nutritional ingredients, which is exactly what I look for when buying treats for my dogs!

I bought two of their venison products and a packet of their natural training treats to try out, our cockers will eat absolutely anything, wether edible of not but my Dachshund is much fussier and turns her nose up at most treats!! I also love the simple packaging on all of the B+M treats, the colours and design is lovely and good quality,  exactly like what is inside!

Venison Chew Sticks For Dogs:
These are pretty much self explanatory,  these sticks are 100% dried meat, so no nasty additives! Our dogs absolutely adore these and cannot get enough of them!

Venison Treats For Dogs:
I originally bought the chews first which I had to break in half as they are quite large for my Lily, but these are perfect they are little venison bites which have the same affect as the chews, just smaller and more Daxie friendly! :-)

Strawberry and Apple Mini Training biscuits:
Now these are another daxie fave, once again perfectly sized for her! She has been having 3 of these as a pre-bed time treat, as daxie owners will know they are quite a stubborn breed, but she will quite happily sit for one of these! (As shown in the photo below!)

I will happily buy any of these products again and in my next order i'd like to try some of their other products including the fish treats and special dog ice cream!

Links to the products:

Thanks for reading, Jaime and Lily xo