Sunday, 11 December 2016

Lily & Sev's Christmas Wishlist

Heres our ultimate wish list, but this time the christmas edition!

These are absolutely gorgeous and would be perfect for Lily! I must admit i'm a bit of an overprotective dog parent, especially after her second operation and carry her if we're walking amongst crowds/travelling on the ferry the TM carrier would be perfect for that!

2. Maison le Lou Ginny Collar in Raspberry - £74.00
I mentioned these in my gift guide post but the whole range of colours they produce are all equally stunning but the raspberry real is my favourite it just screams luxury!

3. Purplebone Navy Cable Knit Jumper - £36.99
I love a good navy knitted jumper and this is the perfect miniature equivalent! Sev would look adorable in this, I especially like the mini sleeves - so cute!

4. Mutts & Hounds Grape Check Blanket - £64.00
Mutts & Hounds really make some gorgeous blankets, I particularly love the colours in this woollen blanket, perfect for snuggling up under!

5. Broughton & Co Ruby Red Glitter collar - £45
Another one that featured in a gift guide! Broughton & Co have some serious lust worthy pieces, including their lovelock charms which are beautiful! I really like the ruby colour, perfect for the festive season!

I could go on and on but these are my current top 5!

Thank you for reading, what's on your list?
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo


  1. That cable knit jumper would look so adorable! And the collars look lovely too - definitely agree that they look very luxury! :)

    Lizzie xx