Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Made for Mutts sale goodies!

A couple of weeks ago, Made for Mutts had a huge sale with some of the items being over half price! I've never bought from them before but a lot of our friends post photos of their stuff and so I thought the sale would be the perfect opportunity to try them out! The MFM website is currently closed to buy from until the 19th due to a makeover which is exciting!

Naturally I took this as an invitation to buy far too much - oops?
Most of this haul is for Lily but two of the collars are for our spaniel Daisy - there aren't any photos of her in any of them yet as she's due a serious haircut and currently resembles a wooly mammoth!
I picked up a bit of everything but I will start with the collars;

 Firstly I bought two of their Mini Flamingo print collars, Turquoise for Lily and the Pink for Daisy, first impressions is that they are very well made, the little logo is on a tag which is very cute and doesn't add any extra bulk, what I did find was that on the XS size collar it was quite hard to adjust, the fabric didn't want to move through the metal buckle (I imagine this is because they are new and will soften with use).

I also bought two of their floral prints; i'm an absolute sucker for florals in the summer, especially if they have blue or turquoise in them! I can't find direct links to either of these - I will check once MFM opens again and will add links if I can find them!

And lastly I bought two bows and a bandana, I always buy these and definitely have far too many now but I just love them! The red and gold tartan bow is actually a cat bow but is the perfect size for L&S I will be saving it for next Christmas!
I also picked up a Pink Stars bow, this is a gorgeous dusky pink colour and is lovely and soft, looking forward to paring this with other collars (shown here on Lily's Teddy Maximus collar). And lastly was the Pink Daisy print bandana, I've found that some bandanas are quite long and end up hitting the front of the dachshunds' legs, but this one is the perfect size!

So, did you buy anything in the MFM sale? Let us know!
Thank you for reading,
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo

Friday, 13 January 2017

Dependable Pets

Firstly I want to say a huge thank you to Kate at Dependable Pets for sending us so many lovely things, the gang couldn't wait to get stuck in!

Dependable Pets sent us so many exciting things! We where super excited to find we'd been sent another tub of our favourite treats; Lily and Sev will literally do anything for those little bones, i'm sure they're magic!

The Goody Snacks where also a huge success - Ava moose who is usually ridiculously fussy absolutely loved these! The "Trainers" treats will be perfect for the bigger girls at ring craft, the packets are resealable too which is huge bonus!

We also received two shampoos and two grooming sprays, in Eucalyptus and one in Fresh Linen - i'm ridiculously fussy when it comes to grooming products but both of these smell so luxurious can'y wait to use them!
If anyone would like a separate post about the grooming supplies, please let me know! Daisy is due a bath this week! :-)

Hope you enjoyed and we'd definitely recommend Dependable Pets especially as they've currently got a huge sale on! :-)

Thanks for reading,
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

December Favourites!

Sorry this is later than I usually post these but dec/jan is always busy in my day job!
Some of this month's favourites where Christmas gifts/where gifted to me but I will mention that on the item etc :-)

Firstly this month we have an ID tag that I won via instagram, i've followed SimplyHandmadeTags  on instagram for a while so was thrilled when I won one! I chose the Dome "Twilight" style in small bronze with the stars stamped on the front - these are so beautiful! I've since ordered another for Sev so won't go into to much detail as they'll have their own post soon :-)

Following on from the ID tag, we have December's collar of choice; "The Cromwell" by Teddy Maximus, I utterly adore this, so beautiful and so, so well made, I love it so much that we will defiantly be buying at least one more at Crufts!! This was Lily's birthday present (any excuse!) these start at £49.99 and are worth every penny!

Another favourite is this bow from Ditsy Pet, i've only ever bought collars from them before so when I saw this was on sale before Christmas I popped this snowflake bow (&the matching lead!) onto our order! This is so tiny but so lovely! It's not flat like some bows i've seen and holds it's shape really well this one is currently on sale at £3.00 - a bargain!

Treat favourite this month are the Lily's Kitchen M'Hearties fish treats Lily and Sev love these but the reason they've made the favourites is the tin they come in! Super secure and adorable perfect for popping into my bag whilst we're out and about! These are £5.95

And finally this month is a food favourite - I moved the Germans onto Naturaw a couple of months ago and they are loving it, all three of them have fab coats, perfect weights and can't wait for their dinner! Particular favourites have been; Chicken Complete with Lamb and they loved the limited edition Christmas recipe too! (picture taken from the Naturaw site).

Thank you for reading,
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo