Tuesday, 14 August 2018

The Travall Dog Guard & Why We Think It's Fab!

Hi everyone, sorry for the radio silence! We have been super bus with the pups and then we went on holiday, but we're back and i've got lots planned!

In July we took delivery of our brand new car (setters take up a lot more room than a dachshund, haha!) We spend a lot of time doing long car journeys with the dogs so we chose a car that was safe and comfortable for all of us; a Dacia Sandero Stepway, and set off on the mission to find a good quality dog guard that would ft.

We came across Travall who actually sell guards specific to our car (we really struggled to find any!) and very kindly sent us one to review.
Travall are absolutely brilliant and sella huge range of accessories made specifically for your make/model of car, my mother has a Travall Dog Guard in her Mercedes and thinks it is great!
The Travall site is so easy to use, you input your car make and model and Travall will show you a list of everything available for your car so that everything is guaranteed to fit properly; we went back and bought the mat set for our car too!

The guard itself was super easy to install and took about five minutes to fit, it's secure, doesn't rattle, and doesn't obstruct the drivers' visibility.
We have been using the guard for a month now and think it is absolutely brilliant, we have gone on a few long distance trips with the dogs (to Windsor, Dorset, Surrey and the Isle of Wight) using it and put it to the test, and knowing they are safe and secure really puts our mind at rest.
 All loaded and safe, ready for adventures! (Dog shows in this case!)
We love our Travall Dog Guard and would definitely recommend it and the rest of the Travall Range!

Thank you for reading,
Jaime, Sev & Lola xo


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