Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The Crufts 2017 Wishlist!

It's no secret that I have a slight addiction to shopping, and Crufts is the one event that I let myself go a little bit OTT - here are a few of the things on my list!

Ditsy Pet:
I bought the dogs a Ditsy Pet Christmas print lead each and I've really enjoyed using them, they're really soft and lightweight and the perfect length so i've put two on my shopping list
- Hello Sailor dog lead £13.95

- Rose dog lead £13.95

And for no reason other than because I can, some other bits and pieces that I really like!
- Hello Sailor collar £11.95

- Hello Sailor bow £5.00

- Rose bow £5.00

Dog Robes:
Lily, Sev, Daisy & Isla all have towel coats from another brands so I think it's time I bought Ava one! Torn between the grey and the pink!

Dapper Pets:
A few days ago Dapper posted a sneak peak of their Crufts stock including a variety of daisy items, including a new pink daisy print collar and matching daisy ID tag, now clearly our resident Daisy dog needs these!

Benyfit Raw:
L&S have been raw fed for years and have very good stomachs so i'm able to change suppliers/varieties whenever I find something better for them to eat. Our friend Baloo has recently moved onto Benyfit and his mum, Jaycee was really impressed so i'm hoping to find out more! :-)

Mabel & Mu:
Mabel & Mu are a firm favourite of mine and I always pick up a few bows when I see them at shows!
On our list for Crufts are pieces from their new ranges Wildflower Walks and Waterfall Walks (these launch at Crufts so no direct link yet!)

A friend on Twitter shared a photo of their whippets wearing coats from the store which looked gorgeous - I was super excited that they have a range of Wax Coats for Dachshunds! The Navy Blue is on our list!

I've been trying to use up what i've got in my grooming stash but there are a few essentials that i've ran out of! I also need a new pair of thinning scissors, no direct link as i've not chosen a pair yet!
Tropical Cream Conditioner - £6.95
Conditioner is a staple in Sev's grooming routine and really adds shine to his coat, this is a new one for me but i've heard good things about this as our friends use it on their Welsh Springers!

We all know there is no way that i'll stick to this list!! But I've been sensible and have set myself a budget (yeah whatever, Jaime!!)
Would you be interested in seeing a haul post after Crufts? Please let us know!
Thank you for reading,
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

BigPaws Review

I was contacted by Tracy from BigPaws earlier in February asking if the gang would be interested in reviewing her Wall Mounted Dog bowls, L&S are fed on the floor but we feed our two big girls on stands, which I must admit are hideous looking things and take up a lot of room when not in use! So it was a definite yes from me!

The BigPaws bowls and stands came in a variety of sizes (Small 150mm, Medium 200mm and Large 235mm) and colours. I chose large in red for Ava and medium in graphite for Isla.
These are a super good idea, the main bracket part of the stand is wall mounted and the frame that the bowl sits in can be easily removed so when in use they don't stick up or get in the way - bonus! This is also really good because Ava makes a right mess when she eats, and these are far easier to clean than our pre-existing stands!
The bowls themselves can be used separately from the stand if needed and fit inside the ring without wobbling whilst still being easy to remove for cleaning etc. I was super impressed with the quality of the bowls, the colours are gorgeous and they have a non-slip rubber base!
The bowls also come with all the screws and clear instructions making them easy to install, I love that the wall fixture is bone shaped, a nice touch!

We're due to have our kitchen renovated so no photos of the stands in use yet as we're not sure where to put them, but we have been using the bowls in their existing stands! The beauty of the stands being wall mounted is that you can fit them to the exact height needed for your dog. We use stands because Isla suffered from a small episode of bloat as a puppy (which was terrifying) wouldn't feed any of the big girls without them now!

The bowls retail at £20 for a small, £25 for a medium and £28 for a large making them super affordable as they're definitely made to last! Tracy was also kind enough to include a packet of "The Dog Treat Company" treats for Isla and Ava.

Definitely check them out, the BigPaws shop has a variety of other doggy essentials too, as well as an option to buy the metal stands without the bowl, gift sets and doggy water bottles which look really cool!

Thank you for reading!
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo

Friday, 17 February 2017

Sharing the love!

First off, huge apologies for my blog absence, Jan/Feb has been a bit manic for me and today is the first day in weeks i've had the time to just sit down and write!
Hopefully I can make it up to you with various exciting posts that i've got planned for the next month!

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day, so I wanted to dedicate today's post to some of my favourite shops (and the fabulous people and dogs behind them!)

Our first favourite is Boots & Bones, Ellie is one of the nicest people i've and the pleasure of working with, Boots & Bones sell and make a variety of gorgeous collars and leads and they've just launched bow ties, which I'll definitely be buying after Crufts! I've written about Boots & Bones before here and here. Lily is wearing the Be My Valentine collar Sev wears the Vibrant Dogtooth Tweed collar which launches soon!

Another favourite is this gorgeous Valentines themed bandana by Chloe of ChloeSuzanneDesigns on Etsy. I've got far too many of Chloe's bandanas now but i just couldn't resist this one! I'm definitely a convert of the tie on style, it sits perfectly and as always is beautifully made! I've featured Chloe's bandanas in various post, they can be found here.

This next favourite is a more recent discovery, Dependable Pets. They sell everything you could possibly need and are the home of our personal favourite training treats; these are so good I won't go into the ring without a pocketful! Our Dependable Pets haul post can be read here.

Another collar favourite; this time from DevilDoodDesigns on Etsy. Emily runs Adventures of Doodles and makes some seriously cool callers and leads! Our favourite so far is this rope collar, perfect for beach adventures as it can be chucked in the washing machine! Theres no current link to these, but please contact Emily for a custom order :) the post featuring some more of Emily's collars can be found here.

And finally is Slumbering Hound. It wouldn't be a favourites post without mentioning the fabulous Dee and her gorgeous dog beds! Before Christmas Lily was lucky enough to be sent a deluxe slumber bed; the craftsmanship on these is just incredible! It looks beautiful and Lily absolutely adores it - it's a fight to get her out of it in the mornings! I've written an in-depth review here.

Thank you for reading! Have you joined in today? :-)
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo