Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Devil Dood Designs

I've got quite the collection of bits and pieces from DevilDoodDesigns so thought it was time that they had their own in depth post!
Emily, the parent of Colin & Rhapsody from Adventures of Doodles launched her etsy store Devil Dood Designs last month where she makes and sells a wide range of paracord dog accessories.

Here's a little bit from the DDD site explaining about them and what makes them different; "For anyone that doesn’t know, paracord is one of the strongest materials available for making collars. It has a breaking strength of 550 lbs, these accessories are made to withstand even the strongest dog. Paracord is also fantastic in that it is machine washable. No messing around with hand washing or special cycles, just chuck your accessories in with your muddy dog towels and then leave to air dry. These collars are built to last."

I ordered a standard collar with the martingale upgrade when she first launched and Emily kindly included a few other bits and pieces to try out. With the exception of Lily, the Fachshund canines have a particular taken at getting utterly grotty and gross especially in the winter months so much so that Sev has a separate collar/ID tag/harness to prevent him from trashing his posh collar! The DDD paracord collars are brilliant that they're extremely hardwearing and that they can but put in the washing machine too! 

Firstly I have the "Ice Princess" which is part of the christmas range, this features reflective blue/grey and white cord, it also has a small bell and a snowflake charm which are adorable! This collar isn't adjustable as it was made the measure to fit both of the dachs, the paracord is surprisingly lightweight and flexible making it comfortable for the dogs to wear.

The main reason for making my order was to buy a martingale collar, these are great if you have either a little dog with a small head or in our case a dog with a lot of coat! Daisy can get quite hairy so the martingale is perfect for her as it sits loosely so doesn't knot her coat up, they're also particularly handy if you have a dog that pulls! 
I was also sent the matching lead which is super strong but feels comfortable in your hand which lots of the heavy duty leads don't! 

Lastly DDD sent me a slip lead to test out, I absolutely love this, the problem we have with the usual fabric rope style slip leads is that they often stain or get smelly from the mud - Isla pointer is walked on one of these and they always end up gross whereas I know I can easily wash this one! This is the perfect pop in your handbag sort of lead! Bonus with this is that it's also reflective!

Thank you for reading and I hope you go and check out Devil Dood Designs!
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo 


  1. I have been very tempted by one of these collars and reading this has convinced me. Your doggies are all such sweeties and beautifully presented.

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