Monday, 5 December 2016

The Luxury Gift Guide - £30+

My favourite post by far! There's just so many gorgeous luxury doggy gifts on the market this year including a variety of really gorgeous Christmas hampers!
This is my final post in the gift guide series and I hope you enjoy - I know I have done finding all of these goodies! :-)

Firstly we have a hamper from Guru! This Guru hamper is limited edition and comes in a beautiful white washed picnic hamper inside it's stuffed full with guru themed goodies, my personal favourite is the calendar which features familiar faces from their instagram, other highlights include festive editions of their field and road trip bones, a printed guru tote bag, WellyBix cranberry treats and samples of "Full on Feast" (which we reviewed here) along with various other guruvy goodies! This hamper retails at £59

Next we have my highlight of the post and by far the best thing i've ever been sent! Our Slumbering Hounds Luxurious Slumber Bed (full review here) Lily utterly adores this bed and has genuinely spent 99% of the passed month inside it! This is aft present for you pooch as they are super customisable and come in a variety of sizes and colours, Lily's is a Red w/ White polka dots lined with cream fleece and in size Medium. They start at £70 and are 110% value for money!

Next we have a collar from our favourite luxury dog shop, Teddy Maximus. Teddy Maximus is definitely  my go to if you're after something that not only looks beautiful but is made to last.  The Cromwell collar is a beautifully made leather collar which features their pink shetland wool (if you aren't a pink person they also produce The Otis which features their sand shetland wool). These are super well made with brass hardware throughout, my favourite is the hand embossed message inside - so cute! I feel in love with this at Crufts and picked one up last month ready for Lily for Christmas. They start at £49.99.

Another collar next, well a group of collars! I'm having serious collar lust over these beauties from
Broughton and Co, literally everything they make is gorgeous but here's my top 4 choices - Santa we've been very good this year... ;)
Ruby Red Glitter - from £45
Baby Pink Plaited - from £55

Grey and White Knitted Scarf - £17.50

Gold Heart Lovelock - £20

More collars! These are from Maison Le Lou and are utterly stunning, the colours are perfect, these scream luxury and would be the perfect addition to any fashionable canine's wardrobe!
Ginny Dog Collar in Raspberry and Nude - from £74

Finally we have the last two hampers from DevilDoodDesigns, they're a relatively new company but boy have they made some incredible hampers!
DDD is run by Emily of Adventures of Doodles who I mentioned in the previous post, but these hampers really are something special! Emily really has thought of it all, both offering hampers for single and multi-dog families and at two different price levels Mini (£55 for one dog) and Ultimate (£98 for one dog). The Mini Hamper includes of a choose of two christmas paracord collars made by DDD, a choose of two bandanas made by DDD and exclusive to the hampers, a hand stamped ID tag by Simply Handmade Tags (these are gorgeous!), a shampoo bar by Pointy Faces, a christmas tug toy by Watts in the Box, natural treats and a lovely tin to keep them in from Beautiful Joe's.
Everything included in the hampers are made in the UK too!  The Ultimate Hamper also includes all of the above as well as a PitPat(!!) which is basically a dog fitbit (so cool!), a ball launcher by Chuck It and a PitPat calendar! The perfect gift for the person who has just got a new puppy or maybe their dog just wants spoiling! :)  The wooden crate is also included in the price so they really are the perfect ready made present!

Thank you for reading and I hope we where able to provide you with some Christmas gift inspiration and also a huge thank you to everyone that either sent products, photos or extra information; without you this wouldn't be possible! :)
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo 


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