Saturday, 21 July 2018

A Dog Friendly Networking Event

Last Sunday we headed over to Wilts to attend a Dog Friendly Networking event hosted by Steph from Spaniel Life at Monty & Mabel's in Wilton.
This was Lola's first proper outing and she was so good! (thank God for beef scalp!).
Steph had organised various different stalls and speakers, this is the first time we've been able to go to a blogging event in ages and I'm so glad we went - it was brilliant!
Monty & Mabel's provided us with tea and cake (the best chocolate cake ever!) and the event provided Puppicinos and doggy popcorn and crisps for all the pooches, which S&L loved!

The afternoon started off with a talk from Honey's Raw, i'd heard of Honey's before but not really looked to much into them, the team explained all of the benefits of raw feeding and talked a bit about their food before answering questions. They kinda provided everyone with a copy of their Natural Feeding Handbook (which i've had sat on my Amazon wish list for ages!) as well as a voucher for discount on their food - we will be ordering soon and will let you know how we get on!
After that Emily from DevilDoodDesigns and Adventures of Doodles ran a paracord collar making workshop, we prepaid for this because it was something that looked super fun - no photos of my collar yet because I still haven't finished it - oops!
There where lots of stalls from our favourites, Luna's Loft, DDD, Cotswold Pooch and a few more others, we're off on holiday next week so I was on a budget and picked up a new lead for Sev and Lola. Sev's is a soft rope lead from DDD with gorgeous gold hardware and Lola's is a lovely soft rope slip lead from Luna's Loft.
To finish the day Steph and Camila ran a discussion on photography and instagram which was really interesting - I definitely learnt something!
I am so, so glad we went and would definitely go to another one!
Would you go to a networking event?
Thank you for reading,
Jaime, Sev & Lola xo