Friday, 27 May 2016

What we've been loving in May!

Since everyone enjoyed the post last month I thought i'd write another! So heres what we've loved! :-)

Our Favourite Treats this month are by SmartBones, these are a vegetable based alternative to the traditional (and extremely unhealthy rawhide chew!) my two adore these, so when I saw Pets at Home had them on sale I knew I'd better stock up! This month they've been having the Skin and Coat treats which are chicken based (and smell delicious!).

Our favourite accessory this month has been bandanas! I especially like the WagyTail ones, they're brilliantly made and fab value for money! I've written a full review about them here. My current fave is the pink polka dot, it's a gorgeous neon pink and perfect for the warmer weather!

Favourite harness is another item from WagyTail; the lilac soft harness. Gorgeous pastel lilac colour and once again, very well made and good value for money full review here 
Our favourite collar is a new find from Boots&Bones, I adore chevron anyway but the grey and white looks gorgeous on Lily, it fits perfectly and is really well made and sturdy without the unnecessary bulk I've found in some collars.

And lastly, our favourite leather collars and leads. I'm sure everyone's getting fed up of me going on about DukeLovesFergie, but i'm obsessed! Anyone that knows me will know I switch lily's collars out on a near weekly basis; she has been wearing their hot pink city collar all month and I have no intention of swapping it - it's utterly gorgeous! 

Thank you for reading!
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo

Monday, 23 May 2016

Wagytail Sale Haul!

As some of you may remember, i've bought from Wagytail before; they're a super affordable brand based in Essex selling soft dog harnesses, collars, leads and various other dog related goodies.

Wagytail often have money off codes on their social media, I took advantage of their current offer "Jack20" to get 20% off of my whole order (still working at time of writing! 21/5) to pick up a few bits and bobs!
I've reviewed the bandanas and harnesses here so this will be mostly pictures with the exception of my thoughts on the collars and leads!
Hope you enjoy and I totally recommend that you get yourselves over to Wagytail and enjoy the bargains!! :-)


Pink Polka Dot and Blue Polka Dot with matching leads

My favourite, the colour is gorgeous!!

These are really sturdy and well made! The collars are made from covered webbing meaning that they aren't flimsy like some of the handmade collars around, the floral fabric is gorgeous and looks lovely with the lilac harness! The lead is nice and long with a nice big handle, can't wait to use them! 

(shown with matching harness and lead)
I really love that Wagytail give you the option of a slip on or tie up bandana, I chose the slip on to pop over the top of the dogs' collars. The ladies at Wagytail where kind enough to send my the Leopard Print and Floral bandanas free of charge which was a really lovely surprise! :-) 

As i mentioned before I really love this brand, everything is super well made and definitely affordable and look as nice, if not nicer than their more pricey counterparts! 
Thank you for reading! 
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Weekend Wishlist #6

I've missed posting these, so here is this weeks breakdown of what we're lusting after! 

1: Teddy Maximus' Pink Shetland Wool bow tie - £14.99
I've got the liberty print bow tie that Teddy Maximus makes and this one is just gorgeous!

2: Duke Loves Fergie's The Corde Collar in dove grey & blue - £25.00
Seriously impressed with the quality of Lily's collars and leads from DLF so I think it's time Sev got in on the action!

3: Dapper Pets' Pupsicle Bandana - £6.50
Perfect for summer and in my favourite colour, bright blue! A definite must have for summer!

4: Barks&Bijoux's Style Hound ID Tag - £14.40
 I love, love, love these! This is so cute, I love the mini Chanel perfume bottle tag! I'm a huge designer fan, hence the blog tittle - my two favourites combined, Dachshunds and Fashion!

5: La Maison D'Arabella's Medium Black & White Mono Teepee - £68.00
For no reason other than Lily sleeps upstairs in my room and this is waaay cooler than a dog crate!

Thank you for reading,
Jaime & the dachshunds xo

Friday, 20 May 2016


I'm constantly on the lookout for good quality, British brands that are not only well made but are gorgeous to look at.
I've followed Boots & Bones since their launch earlier this year, they are a small British brand mostly consisting of Ellie, the designer and seamstress and the gorgeous Dotty, the cavalier (i've got a particular soft spot for Blenheim cavs, like Dotty as my first dog, Mickey, was one!).
When I was contacted by Ellie asking if Lily and Sev would be interested in modelling for them I was ecstatic! And you can imagine our excitement when they asked if the dachs would like to be Brand Reps for them!

Todays post is an introduction and a first impression post, I received two lovely collars in the post today and couldn't wait to try them out!
I received a Grey Chevron (my personal favourite!) and the Red Stripey collar. I sent Ellie the dogs collar measurements and she matched them perfectly, the chevron that Lily's wearing is slightly smaller than Sev's as she's not got as much coat! Both collars fit the dogs perfectly and look lovely on either of them!
I was super impressed with the collars, they're super slimline and lightweight and not at all bulky. But saying that, they feel super sturdy and secure!
We'll be thoroughly road testing them over the upcoming weeks so expect a follow up post! Enough waffling from me, heres the photos!

Thank you for reading, 
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo