Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Duke Loves Fergie

Quite possibly our new favourite luxury brand!
I'm incredibly fussy with collars and won't let the dogs wear anything that I don't like! Having small dogs width, weight of the collar and overall size is something thats on the top of my agenda!

I'd seen a few of my twitter friends wearing the Duke Loves Fergie collars and though at £12 each it was worth the gamble! I selected two of the City collar range in Hot Pink and Tan, I measured my two in accordance to the online size guide and went for a small. I had a coupon code to go me free delivery so I placed my order and waited not so patiently!

First impressions of my order was that I loved the fact that they came with a dust bag, I love this as it instantly reminded me of designer handbags - you'd never get one of those without one!
The collars themselves are divine, the leather was so incredibly soft and subtle which is something that even the most expensive collars in our collection lack! The collars are gorgeously soft and sit perfectly on the dogs, they aren't bulky or harsh and I've never had so many compliments then i've had whilst Lily's been wearing the hot pink collar! I absolutely love it! Move over Louis Vuitton - I've got a new favourite!
Each collar comes with 3 metal tags (which I really need to have engraved!) which continues to add a touch of added luxury!

I will most definitely be ordering agin and my current wish list is the matching hot pink lead, the Dove Grey Corde collar and matching lead!
(Lily was far to busy trying to play so photos are not as perfect as usual - sorry!)

Thank you for reading!
Jaime, Lily & Sev


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