Friday, 27 May 2016

What we've been loving in May!

Since everyone enjoyed the post last month I thought i'd write another! So heres what we've loved! :-)

Our Favourite Treats this month are by SmartBones, these are a vegetable based alternative to the traditional (and extremely unhealthy rawhide chew!) my two adore these, so when I saw Pets at Home had them on sale I knew I'd better stock up! This month they've been having the Skin and Coat treats which are chicken based (and smell delicious!).

Our favourite accessory this month has been bandanas! I especially like the WagyTail ones, they're brilliantly made and fab value for money! I've written a full review about them here. My current fave is the pink polka dot, it's a gorgeous neon pink and perfect for the warmer weather!

Favourite harness is another item from WagyTail; the lilac soft harness. Gorgeous pastel lilac colour and once again, very well made and good value for money full review here 
Our favourite collar is a new find from Boots&Bones, I adore chevron anyway but the grey and white looks gorgeous on Lily, it fits perfectly and is really well made and sturdy without the unnecessary bulk I've found in some collars.

And lastly, our favourite leather collars and leads. I'm sure everyone's getting fed up of me going on about DukeLovesFergie, but i'm obsessed! Anyone that knows me will know I switch lily's collars out on a near weekly basis; she has been wearing their hot pink city collar all month and I have no intention of swapping it - it's utterly gorgeous! 

Thank you for reading!
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo


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  2. Those DLF collars are just to die for!! The tan one would look gorgeous on Archie <3