About Us


I'm Jaime, i'm 24 and live on the south coast of the UK. I studied photography in college which I combine with my passion for dogs :)
I also show the dachshunds up and down the country and compete at Crufts each year!
I created this blog back in early 2014 a few months after adopting Lily to share my adventures in first time dachshund ownership - it's continued to grow from there! 

We are proud members of Team Teddy!

About the dogs:

Lily: Lily is a 7 year old chocolate and tan miniature smooth haired dachshund who I adopted in 2013, Lily is incredibly special and my dog of a lifetime. She has suffered three with IVDD and after being operated on twice has made a full recovery.

Severus: Sev is a 4 year old black and cream miniature longhaired dachshund. Sev is the first dog that I chose/bought/trained by myself and is an absolute gentleman, he is a gorgeous boy and is equally confident in front of a camera or strutting around a show ring.

Neville & Luna: We brought home brother and sister cream miniature longhaired dachshunds in November '19 and oh my are they brilliant! Luna is a proper busybody who never stops while Neville is the most laid back happy boy i've ever met!

L-R: Lily, Ava, Isla, Daisy & Severus


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