Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Canine Stocking Fillers - Gifts £10 and under

The second instalment of the 2016 gift guide is one of my favourites, everything featured is under £10 and i've also included a few gifts that are perfect for humans too!

The first item i've found is from TheCosyCanineCompany on etsy (quite a few items in this post will be etsy buys as it's such a good place to find beautiful, handcrafted gifts!). I've followed CC on twitter for a while now and lusted over their oilcloth crate covers which are available in a range of gorgeous prints but could never order one as a certain resident St. Bernard enjoys shredding anything age can get her teeth on! So when I saw she was bringing out a range of coordinating poop bag holders, especially when I saw the dachshund print ones(!!) I knew we needed one! The retail at £8.00 and come in a huge range of prints, I chose the one that looked closest to Lily! These are beautifully made and include a roll of bags, making them a fab little present for anyone who owns a dog!

The next two items are more etsy purchases from my favourite seller on etsy; TheJanuaryRose, Louise's shop will pop up a couple more times in this post but i'll start with my most recent purchase, these two gorgeous little bows! I've got a serious bow obsession inane you haven't already guessed and these two are just gorgeous! I chose the dogs one each, the Navy Star and the Grey Herringbone but Louise has a whole range of prints including two different sizes, I bought the small size which retails at £7.49 each and they are just so beautifully made and definitely make a lovely gift!

Next up is another human present, this mug is tho adorable Dachshund Christmas mug, this is £5 and from matalan, so cute and such a bargain!

More bows now, but from another of my favourite shops, Mabel & Mu! I've got quite a collection of bows from M&M and these christmas bows are so lovely! They make a wide range of different christmas collars/leads/bows the two I chose are from the collections Bubblegum Santa and Little Santa these are adorable and I wish they could wear them all year round! The bows are £4.00 each.

This next idea is this dachshund ornament from John Lewis. Each year I like to buy a fancy christmas ornament, this year it was this little chap; the Dachshund Bellboy ornament! They retail for £7.50 and are a really easy yet special gift for someone that loves daxies! :)

And finally we have another item from The January Rose, Louise makes these gorgeous hand stamped key rings which are customisable, I bought the "Crazy Dachshund Lady" keyring (pictured) for myself, Louise offers the option to add extra hearts to the keyring, mine has 2 one for Lily and one for Sev - I've actually bought a second keyring to give to my colleague who has two Boxers. Think this is my favourite gift in this post because its so personal yet so lovely! :)

Thank you for reading, hope this gives you some ideas!
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo

Friday, 25 November 2016

Festive Biscuits & Treats!

This is the first instalment of the 2016 Christmas Gift Guide! I've got a few more instalments this year which is exciting! Which brings me onto this post; our favourite festive edibles!

Firstly we have two different advent calendars, being a multi dog household I've bought two as they're shared between the pack!
The Lily's Kitchen advent calendar is one of our Christmas staples, always beautifully illustrated and filled with yummy treats, Lily and Sev share one of these as usually there are a couple of biscuits each day which is perfect for mine to share. They retail at £9.95 and are currently on offer - use the code "xmastreat" when you order your calendar to get free delivery and a free packet of christmas treats! I have two of these this year, one for L&S and the other for Daisy

The next advent calendar i've ordered is one by Barney's Biscuit Boxes, I've reviewed one of their biscuit boxes previously and really liked the idea and love behind the company so placed an order for one of their Medium/Large Advent Calendars for Ava and Isla to share whilst I was at Discover Dogs in October, these are full of natural treats and benefit the charities that help with rescuing dogs from puppy farms - a definite bonus! These retail at £15.50 and are filled with branded, natural treats so definitely worth the money!

Next we have a wet food option from Lily's Kitchen; the "Three Bird Festive Feast" this is for Daisy as she doesn't have raw so this is a nice treat for her christmas dinner! As with all Lily's Kitchen products the packaging is adorable!

And now we have my treat selection! I like to give each dog their own packet of treats for christmas (hello crazy dog lady! ha!)
We have another offering from Lily's Kitchen, another festive staple for us! The "Fabulously Festive Biscuits for Dogs" the gang love these and really I should stock up! This years outer tube is designed to look like post box which is so cute! They retail at £3.95 for 100g (or free if you buy an advent calendar using the offer i mentioned above).

Next up we have two different festive goodies from Pooch and Mutt! I regularly buy their "Calm and Relaxed" treats which my two have before bed, so was excited at Discover Dogs to see that they had brought out tubes of "Christmas Dinner for Dogs" treats, I love the metallic packaging on these! (Which was ridiculously hard to photograph!) They retail for £3.50 a tube.

The next product from Pooch and Mutt isn't christmas flavour but still a fab christmas present! The stackable metal tins feature their three best selling dog treats, I really liked this and it'd make a fab present for a doggy friend! I can't find a link for these on their site, I believe you can also buy them in Tesco but I purchased them at Discover Dogs for £5.00.

The next instalments will be more exciting, but as I buy these each year anyway I thought you'd like to see it!

Thanks for reading!
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The Bed of Dreams!

Lily is a fussy little so and so when it comes to beds, especially at bed time! I've lost count on how many beds i've specifically bought for her, which she's either sat in once or ignored, Lily sleeps upstairs separate from the rest of the pack (there's no actual reason for this, she just always has done!) she has a fabric crate set up with her favourite toys, a ridiculously overpriced bed - that was bought to match the decor upstairs and a big furry blanket; but will she sleep in it? No way!!
It's gotten to the point that i've given up trying to get her to sleep in one so I let her sleep in my bed! Naughty, I know! But that was until I took delivery of the bed of dreams!

I was very kindly contacted by Dee from Slumbering Hound after i'd asked for ideas/if anyone would be interested in being a part of my Christmas blog series (more on that soon!). I was so excited as everything on Slumbering Hound is just gorgeous!
Dee kindly sent me one of their Luxurious Slumber Beds with a tiny heart and a smooth haired dachshund embroidered in the corner, its absolutely gorgeous! The bed itself is red with white polka dots and lined with the softest sherpa fleece, the design of the bed features a lined pocket which allows the dogs to burrow in and snuggle up, keeping them warm and cosy.
The bed cover is removable and can be washed, replacement inner cushions are also available direct from SH.

Despite Lily's usual bed dislike she dived straight into this one and refused to get out! It has honestly taken three separate attempts to take photos because each time she has snuggled in and fallen asleep!
However, the real test would be at bed time; we followed our usual routine before I took her upstairs, she once again got straight into her bed and stayed there, she didn't even ask for her bedtime biscuit!


We absolutely love this bed, it's beautifully made and definitely worth every penny! I've looked at similar beds from a very well know brand before and the Slumbering Hound Slumber Bed is honestly so much better! If you've got a dachshund like Lily who feels the cold then this is the ultimate bed; I just wish I'd found one sooner!
Dee also included a red and white rope toy, which Sev loves! :-)

What we're wearing:
Lily's Collar

Thank you for reading;
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

October Favourites

Most of this months favourites are items that I picked up at Discover Dogs (all of them except the shampoo actually!)

Firstly is a bow from one of our favourite shops, Mabel&Mu! I was able to finally meet Deborah after talking to her online for over a year! :) This little halloween bow is just adorable and really added a finishing touch to my halloween photos!

Secondly is this shampoo, Puppies and Gentle Skin from Bonnie & Bailey, I was kindly sent this to test out, I've used it on Ava and Sev a couple of times this month and really like it! The smell is lovely and it made both dogs coats super soft and shiny! After using it on Sev last week before a show he went on to win his second Best of Breed against some top dachshunds!

You're probably fed up of this next one, seeing as i've shared my love for it all over the internet! But it's this gorgeous harness by Teddy Maximus, I won't go on about it but the link to it's blog post is here!

And lastly is a supplement! If you read my raw feeding blog post you'll see i'm a fan of kelp but the variety i'd been feeding was expensive and only available ion tiny quantities - not helpful when you've got 3 on it! At Discover Dogs I visited the Dorwest stand, I've used and swear by Dorwest for years now so decided to pick up a tub of their Kelp Seaweed powder, they come in four different sizes and are cheaper than the previous brand I was using. Kelp is a great all rounder but S&L have it mainly for skin and coat!

Got some exciting posts planned for the next couple of months! :)

Thank you for reading! 
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

My latest obsession; Tweed!

I've always liked a nice tweed, especially in the autumn and winter months, so heres a round up of my favourite doggy tweed essentials!

Firstly we have some more festive pieces, the bow is called "The Scot" by Bob's Boutique I've had this one stashed ready for Christmas time for months! It's the perfect size and is really well made!

I also picked up this bandana by Chloe from her etsy store, Chloe Suzanne Designs, it's no longer in her easy shop which is sad, because it really is lovely!

And lastly we have a variety of tweed pieces from our favourites at Teddy Maximus, all except the pink bow where Discover Dogs' purchases that I haven't shared yet, including one of their brand new products!
Firstly we have Sev's new Sand Shetland Wool Waxed coat, I wanted something smart but practical for Sev and this coat is definitely it! This coats outer layer is olive green coloured waxed cotton which is waterproof so perfect for winter walks and lined with TM's gorgeous Sand Shetland Wool making it warm and cosy!

And the biggest chunk of the post is from the TM Pink Shetland Wool collection which I absolutely adore! This fabric is just stunning and i'm obsessed! The bow is something you're probably all fed up of seeing this now, but I still love it!

Now we have two of my Discover Dogs purchases; I finally picked up one of "The Cromwell" wool collars, i've been admiring these since Holly launched last year, not sure why it's taken me so long to buy one, but i'm glad I did! (this one is being put away until Lily's birthday in December!) the workmanship on these is just stunning, the leather is embossed on the inside and is finished with brass hardware which really adds to the luxury!

And my last purchase which is super exciting as Lily is the first dog to own a Pink Shetland Wool Harness! I was so ridiculously excited to see these on Holly's stand that I didn't even ask how much it was! (oops!) I've never tried a jacket style harness like this on Lily before, but i'm super happy with the fit, they feature velcro on both the chest area and around the waist ensuring a perfect fit. These like the collars just ooze luxury, it's almost too nice to use! The harnesses come in three fabrics and have only just launched to buy via preorder - we would totally recommend them! :)

Thank you for reading,
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo