Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Places To Visit - Southampton Common & Bellemoor Tavern

Yesterday we attended our first dachshund walk/meet up, it was organised through our local dachshund facebook page (our local group is Southampton Dachshunds).

We've never been on a planned dachshund walk before so we didn't quite know what to expect! All three of us (Me, Alex & Sev) really enjoyed ourselves!

 Back on the lead, because Ducks!! 
 Putting our Pooch Play through it's paces!
Everyone was really friendly and the dogs all got on super well, even Sev enjoyed himself and made friends!
This walk was also a bit of a milestone for us, I let Sev off lead for the first time! He was brilliant and walked to heel the whole time - I was so proud! 
 Such a good boy! :)

 The data from our Pooch Play tracker! Sev was so tired after all that running and playing! 

The walk was located in Southampton Common which is absolutely beautiful, we'll definitely be going there again!

After the walk we decided to have lunch at the pub over the road, the Bellemoor Tavern. They're super dog friendly and dogs are allowed everywhere that there is wooden floor (which is most of the pub!) within minutes of sitting down I was offered a bowl of water for Sev too, which was nice!
Alex ordered a burger (which was delicious, apparently!) and I had the American style Mac 'n Cheese, which was the best mac 'n cheese i've ever had! The prices were very reasonable too!

The three of us really enjoyed it, so will definitely be back!

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Thank you for reading,
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Nature's Menu True Instinct - Our Thoughts

During February I was contacted by Nature's Menu asking if we would like to try their new raw food range, True Instinct, as a pre-existing raw feeder I said yes!

Nature's Menu kindly sent me 1.5 Kilos of their Small Breed Raw Bites Free Range Chicken and 1.5 Kilos of their Small Breed Raw Bites Duck and Turkey along with three bags of their new Raw Boost complete in the Turkey & DuckFree Range Chicken, and the Salmon and Tuna
True Instinct raw dog food for small breeds contains the perfect balance of deboned meat and organs, with vegetables, fruits and superfoods.The True Instinct range is completely grain, gluten and cereal free too, making it brilliant for dogs with allergies 

I've been feeding Sev the Raw Bites since March and i'm super pleased with it, the small size of the raw bites make it super easy to portion up, and due to their small size makes them super quick to thaw out (I get the bites out after i've fed Sev and pop them in the fridge ready for the next day). What really appealed to me about the True Instinct range was the packaging, due to the house move i'm a lot more limited on freezer space and because I just have Sev with me food waste was a problem (his previous brand of raw came in 500g tubs, meaning that they could go off before he could finish a tub).
Sev really loves the raw bites, and i've definitely seen an improvement in his coat, he blew his coat last winter and I've really struggled to get it back, but recently i've noticed it's a lot thicker and shinier which is a definite bonus!
We've been using the Raw Boost as treats and as his breakfast (he has a tiny amount first thing as his main meal is in the evening) and he seems to really like them, especially the free dried meat pieces!
Sev's very best "feed me" face!

We want to say huge thank you to Nature's Menu for sending us the range to try; Sev loves it and we'll definitely be sticking with it! True Instinct is currently 20% off if you use the code "BOOST20" on the Nature's Menu website!

Have you tried the True Instinct range?
Thank you for reading,
Jaime & Sev xo