Thursday, 4 December 2014

Black Friday Haul!

I did a bit of Black Friday online shopping, I didn't actually need anything so I tried to limit myself, but I did buy quite a bit!

The first place I bought from was actually on Thursday! The British brand Butch & Bess are having a 50% of the whole range as they're rebranding all their products I picked up a bottle of "Sun Shiny Hair Day" shampoo which is specifically designed for shorthaired dogs. I haven't had a chance to try it yet but it smells delicious! It can be found here and is still on offer so grab a bargain.

The next purchase was from Barbour. Lily's had her quilted jacket for a while now and I love it! So when I saw the olive coloured waxed version on sale for £31 instead of £39.99 I knew she had to have it! Lily wears the size small which fits perfectly and is long enough! The waxed version has a lovely tartan lining and is just gorgeous, I totally recommend them!

The final place I bought from was Pets at Home - I seemed to be the only person that didn't have issues logging on! All of the things I bought (except one!) are specifically for our new GSP puppy that is due to join us in a few weeks! All the items I bought where on offer as well as the extra 10% off which was a bargain! I picked up 3 items from the brand BecoThings which all had 50%; the hoop which cost me £2.00, The beco ball on a rope which was £3.00 and lastly the rope ring (which is waaaay bigger than I'd imagined!) which was £2.50 all the beco range is ecofriendly and made with soft natural materials which will be perfect for the puppy. I picked up a Nerf Tuff tug in the sale at 50% for £4.50 it's super heavy duty and looks like it will be lots of fun :-). I picked up a knitted scarf for Lily, its completely pointless but at £3.75 it's cute. I finally bought another pack of the girls' favourite Natures Menu treats which weren't on sale but we'd run out so I added them in anyway :-)
 The bottom picture is Lil's wearing her scarf and coat - doesn't she look cute?!

 Thank you for reading!
Jaime & Lily xo

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Budget? What budget?!

Here is the second part of my christmas gift guide, this one is more luxury items that any dog would love to have! :-)

Mutts and Hounds - Dachshund Line Pillow Dog Bed in size Small

Now this is something i've had my eye on for quite a while, and winning the £20 voucher from PetsPyjamas meant that I just had to have it! Everything about this bed is gorgeous and just feels so luxurious.  I ordered size small as Lily likes to curl up on her bed rather than stretch out, it is incredibly good quality and really soft and squidgy which Lily loves.  I really love the fabric - I personally think red looks great with chocolate coloured dachshunds ;-)

Mulberry x Mungo & Maud - Hibiscus & Sea Blue Calf Leather collar

Following on from the red theme, we have a collar from the Mulberry and Mungo & Maud collaboration, now as a huge mulberry fan this was something I just had to have regardless of price! It's made in a similar style to the M&H baseball collar (which Lily also has!) bit is double the width. It's finished with silver hardware, and instead of the silver M&H disk that usually features on their collar it has a silver Mulberry one which I adore, it really finishes it off. :)

Louis Vuitton Baxter Monogram dog collar

This is my absolute favourite dog related item, it's just so chic and timeless, the fit is perfect and it's absolutely stunning. It's made with all the bells and whistles of a LV handbag, right down to the tiny gold monogram studs around the edge. One of my favourite parts of the collar is the leather monogramed LV ID tag that hangs next to the buckle. This collar by far is worth every single penny.

Hope you enjoyed this post, the next one is a stocking filler type post :-)

Thanks for reading,
Jaime & Lily xo

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Christmas Gift Guide - £20 and under!

I've seen numerous beauty/lifestyle blogs do similar posts so I thought why not do one for dogs! Most of the items i've featured are things that my own animals will be receiving for Christmas and I have tried to include a variety of different products to hopefully suit numerous breeds/sizes!

Kong "AirDog Squeakair" Tennis Balls

These come in a variety of sizes, the ones i'd recommend are the medium sized ones which are the same size as a regular tennis ball. Our spaniel will ignore regular tennis balls but absolutely adores these and the squeak that they make! They come in a pack of 3 and at £2.99 are an absolute steal! (Please ignore the fact that there are only 2 in the pack, Daisy decided she wanted christmas in November!!)

Lily's Kitchen Advent Calendar for Dogs

I've had 2 of these squirrelled away since the week they where released back in October! These beautiful advent calendars feature a gorgeous illustration which is similar to the usual LK design. Behind each window are a selection of LK's most popular treats; Bed Time Biscuits, Rise and Shines and the Organic Apple and Cheese Training Biscuits - a perfect way to introduce the treats to your dog! 

Red Dingo Collar - Pink with Green Stars

Anyone thats been following us for a while will know that I absolutely adore the Red Dingo for the girls' everyday collars (Lily now has 8!!) Red Dingo is known for its unique colours and patterns whilst being incredibly well made and affordable. I've chose the magenta pink with green stars design (which is slightly festive? lol!)

I picked up two of these whilst I was getting dog food the other day, both dogs love the DeliBakie treats and when i'd seen that they'd repackaged their star shaped treats especially for Christmas I couldn't resist. They come ready to gift along with a dog toy making them the perfect little gift for someone that has dogs! 

Mutts and Hounds Bone Print Neckerchief - Heather

Every dog needs a neckerchief/bandana of some sort, i'm sure it's an unwritten rule! My favourite would have to be this gorgeous heather coloured one by Mutts and Hounds, this is so incredibly well made and is worth every single penny! The link i've posted is the product available from John Lewis where I found that it was 50% off which makes it an utter steal at only £8! Tempted to pick up another in the colour "Mushroom"!

I hope you found this interesting and may have even given you some ideas! Will be posting a couple of others with different budgets later in the week - rather excited for those, some of my ultimate favourite products are going to be featured! :-)
Thanks for reading!

Jaime & Lily xo

Friday, 24 October 2014

We're back!

After a 2 month break, we're back!
I don't have a review to share today, but I do have some of my favourite shots from Lily's recent photoshoot - if theres any brands out there that want a photogenic chocolate daxi to model for them please message me using my email which is here :-)

Thank you for reading, Jaime & Lily xo

Monday, 25 August 2014

Toby's Story

Today's post is not a happy one, for those of you that follow us on twitter you'll know that as well as Lily we own two cocker spaniels Toby an 8y/o working cocker and 6y/o Daisy who we used to show. We've been lucky to have dogs that have always been fit and healthy and have never been overweight. Toby, like all spaniels has always been incredibly full on; he would run at everything full of excitement with his tail wagging like mad! (He had even won a waggiest tail competition this summer!)

So when he yelped 3 weeks back we assumed he'd run into something or pulled a muscle as within minutes he'd forgotten all about it and carried on charging about like the lunatic he was. Over the past couple of weeks his yelps of pain became more frequent and turned into screams so we rushed him to the vet where he was referred to a chiropractor and given some pain relief after this his was back to normal for a day or two, so back to the vets we went and left after Toby had been given a Rymadil injection (a high dose anti-inflammatory) this cured him of pain and he was fine once more, but as before it wore off leaving Toby in absolute agony, his screams being one of the most awful things I've ever heard.

He was rushed into the vets where he was put under and xray'd we'd been given 3 potential outcomes the first being that he'd fractured his neck, this was the one we wanted as it can be cured easily without surgery. The second was that they would find tumours in his neck/back which where putting pressure on his spinal chord and consequently causing him pain. And the third was that they'd find nothing meaning that he would have to be transferred to the mainland for MRI's and future tests.

The outcome was something none of us had ever expected Toby's xrays had shown he had calcification in the three vertebrates under his shoulders which had been pushed upwards causing him immense pain, further down his spine the vets also found that some of his disks had fused - he even had it at the base of his tail which is incredibly rare. My biggest fear since owning Lily had come true, but not in my dachshund but in my beautiful, healthy cocker - IVDD

We where given numerous options of things that where unlikely to work as well as a four day course of Rymadil injections which had worked previously in the hope that his disks would contract and release the pressure on his spinal canal. We got to day 2 of Toby having them and he was responding well and acting like his normal bouncy self but on the evening of the second day we could all tell something wasn't right as he failed to get comfortable and his breathing became panicky and rough. That next morning Toby woke up in horrendous pain and couldn't walk or put his paws on the ground so we made the heartbreaking decision to have him put to sleep. My beautiful boy didn't try to fight the injection and simply fell asleep free from anymore pain and suffering.

I wouldn't wish this on anyone and felt the need to write this to hopefully raise awareness of this awful disease that not only affects our lovely little sausages but other breeds such as Cockers, Beagles and many others.

Rest in peace my beautiful boy 25-6-2006 - 24-8-2014 <3

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Weekend Wishlist #2

Here's this weeks collection of goodies that were loving!

I have a couple of review posts planned, currently testing them to see if they get Lily's stamp of approval! ;-)

1. Swarovski ID Tag

2. Billy and Margot Popcorn

3. Red Dingo Collar

4. Kong Cozies Rhino

5. Classic Beige Trench Coat

Thank you for reading,
Jaime & Lily xo

Friday, 15 August 2014

Weekend Wishlist!

I've seen a lot of the beauty/lifestyle blogs do similar posts to this so I thought it'd be fun to do one for pet things!
So here's mine and Lily's first wish list! Links to all the products below!

1. Ancol Indulgence - Vintage Polka Raspberry
2. Kong Quest Bone in small
3. Pet London Collapsible Bowl in Lilac
4. Lily's Kitchen Fish Skin Chews
5.John Paul Pets Oatmeal Conditioning Spray

Thank you for reading, Jaime & Lily xoxo

Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Bath Wraps!

Just a quick review post today, of an item I ordered a few weeks back, I wanted to try it out before I reviewed it.

My Lily gets bathed every couple of months as she likes to pretend that she's a spaniel but when she's not galavanting around fields like a hooligan with our Cockers she's a show dog. And much to her disgust after each bath she has to be dried, but Lily absolutely hates the dryer and gets fed up of being rubbed with the towel so I set about looking for an alternative; thats when I found PuppiChic!

PuppiChic create unique and adorable pieces for dogs and have a specific Dachshund range! Upon finding their website ( I found their Bath Wraps.
I ordered the "Purple Polka Dot Bath Wrap" from their website and it arrived swiftly wrapped in the most gorgeous tissue paper decorated with peacock feather print! :-)
They are made of a good quality soft cream coloured towelling which is trimmed with ribbon around the collar and the adjustable belly strap.
Lily can be quite fussy with what she'll tolerate but I put this on her after her bath and she ran around and even fell asleep wearing it - about 20 minutes later and she was completely dry and happy!

I would totally recommend both this product and the brand, as they also provide a service where they will custom make products to perfectly fit your dog which I think is a really unique idea in the pet industry! :-)

Below are two photos of the first time Lily tried it on - it fit hers perfectly and she looks so cute in it! :-)

Fresh out of the bath! :-)

The Purple Bath Wrap:
Thank you for reading;
Jaime & Lily xo

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Billy + Margot goodies!


Todays post will feature a small review on a few of Billy + Margot products that we've tried and tested! I bought them a while ago, but didn't want to write this until the dogs had actually tried them!

Billy + Margot are a UK based company that featured on the TV program Dragon's Den. All of their range are UK based filled with healthy and nutritional ingredients, which is exactly what I look for when buying treats for my dogs!

I bought two of their venison products and a packet of their natural training treats to try out, our cockers will eat absolutely anything, wether edible of not but my Dachshund is much fussier and turns her nose up at most treats!! I also love the simple packaging on all of the B+M treats, the colours and design is lovely and good quality,  exactly like what is inside!

Venison Chew Sticks For Dogs:
These are pretty much self explanatory,  these sticks are 100% dried meat, so no nasty additives! Our dogs absolutely adore these and cannot get enough of them!

Venison Treats For Dogs:
I originally bought the chews first which I had to break in half as they are quite large for my Lily, but these are perfect they are little venison bites which have the same affect as the chews, just smaller and more Daxie friendly! :-)

Strawberry and Apple Mini Training biscuits:
Now these are another daxie fave, once again perfectly sized for her! She has been having 3 of these as a pre-bed time treat, as daxie owners will know they are quite a stubborn breed, but she will quite happily sit for one of these! (As shown in the photo below!)

I will happily buy any of these products again and in my next order i'd like to try some of their other products including the fish treats and special dog ice cream!

Links to the products:

Thanks for reading, Jaime and Lily xo

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Red Dingo Delivery!

I'd spent ages looking for a company that made and sold good quality dog collars that aren't hugely bulky on Lily, but I was finally recommended the Australian brand Red Dingo by a fellow daxi owner, I first bought her the blue daisy chain collar which I love but I decided it was time for a new one (or two!!)

Pre-warning this will be quite a photo heavy post! The two collars I bought were White Spots on Red and Breezy Love Pink in size XS which is a perfect fit for miniature dachshunds. The main UK supplier for these collars is Dapper Pets (links below) after a slight bit of sizing mixup from the company I bought them from I'd called Dapper and spoken to one of the most helpful members of staff who happily helped me sort out my order resulting in the collars below - thank you Daniel! :-)

The collars feature the brands signature "buckle bone" closure which is super secure and cute!

First is Lily wearing the White Spots on Red print (my personal favourite, so simple but completely adorable!)

And the second is Breezy Love Pink, which has an adorable heart print, perfect for summer! 

Sorry the formatting is slightly off, my mac and blogger don't seem to want to get on - have a grooming related review planned next, for one small shorthaired dog she has more shampoos then I do! 

Thank you for reading, Jaime and Lily xo

Thursday, 1 May 2014


Hello and welcome to our blog!

About us;
Lily (Glyndwr Lucky For Some) is my 2 year old Chocolate and Tan miniature Dachshund. I have owned her since September and am completely besotted with her! 
Being completely new to sausage ownership I thought it would be nice to document our journey. Being a shopaholic myself, I am constantly on the lookout for new grooming products, toys, collars and treats which I will be reviewing here, on the blog. :-)

About Lily:
I adopted Lily last year and have worked extremely to get her to the happy healthy dog that she is now! We got to show training/ringcraft every tuesday and show locally (we hope to eventually go further afield with her once she gets more settled with what she has to do!) Lils lives with my two other dogs; Daisy a 6y/o blue roan cocker spaniel and Toby a 7y/o lemon and white working cocker both of which are utterly bonkers!

Hope you enjoy reading about what we get up to and buy, already got my first review lined up! :-)

Thanks for reading,
Jaime and Lily xo