Thursday, 1 May 2014


Hello and welcome to our blog!

About us;
Lily (Glyndwr Lucky For Some) is my 2 year old Chocolate and Tan miniature Dachshund. I have owned her since September and am completely besotted with her! 
Being completely new to sausage ownership I thought it would be nice to document our journey. Being a shopaholic myself, I am constantly on the lookout for new grooming products, toys, collars and treats which I will be reviewing here, on the blog. :-)

About Lily:
I adopted Lily last year and have worked extremely to get her to the happy healthy dog that she is now! We got to show training/ringcraft every tuesday and show locally (we hope to eventually go further afield with her once she gets more settled with what she has to do!) Lils lives with my two other dogs; Daisy a 6y/o blue roan cocker spaniel and Toby a 7y/o lemon and white working cocker both of which are utterly bonkers!

Hope you enjoy reading about what we get up to and buy, already got my first review lined up! :-)

Thanks for reading,
Jaime and Lily xo


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