Friday, 18 March 2016

Yumega Boost Review

On Wednesday Lily was 8 weeks post operation after suffering a second bout of IVDD which resulted in her back being completely shaved, the first time she went through this her coat took months to grow back, so this time I was giving her Yumega Boost along with Yumega Show dog oil daily in her dinner.

We've always used Yumega plus on our dogs but after reading about Boost and Show dog I wanted to try it and record our progress, what makes it special is its made up of various fatty acids such as Biotin which promotes rapid coat grown and ensures good coat condition. 
For Lily's size she gets one scoop of boost powder and a small squirt of show dog oil in her pm feed. Due to the fat content I was a little concerned about the potential of Lily gaining weight whilst on crate rest solidly for 4 weeks but it didn't cause her to gain any! (Actually she lost weight!)
A 500ml bottle of Yumega Show Dog oil costs £27.02 and lasts ages! Lily has 2.5mls of it once daily.
A 180scoop tub of Yumega Boost costs £28.00 and lasts Lily 180 days

I've been photographing Lily's coat every few days since being on it and the results are incredible!! Some photos are iPhone quality so aren't fab!
Here was Lily the day we brought her home - 3 days post Op

10 days post op
16 days post op (she had just had her glue removed, hence the inflammation!)
23 days post op
30 days post op
5 weeks post op - you can't visibly tell which scar isn't the 6 month old one! 
And then finally yesterday, 8 weeks post op! 
As you can see the results are incredible! Not only does she have coat to the point you almost can't see the lines! The coat is soft and incredibly shiney! 
Thank you for reading!
Jaime & the dachshunds xo


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