Saturday, 29 April 2017

Places To Visit - Lepe Beach

On Wednesday me and Sevy made the trip over to Lepe, Hampshire to meet up with our favourite Poodle gang (and their humans!) Tilly from SillyTillyPoodle, Colin & Rhapsody of Adventures of Doodles.

Amy and Tilly very kindly picked me and Sev up from the ferry and we headed straight to Lepe beach, due to a slight bit of planning confusion there was a delay in Emily and the gang getting to us but I think Sev appreciated the extra time one to one with Tilly (he can be quite grumpy with strange dogs but he got on so well with her and the rest of the gang, we had no problems all day! Even when we got mugged by a giant out of control labradoodle!).
Lepe beach really is gorgeous, there's a mixture of sandy beach, shingle and tarmac paths along with lots of gorgeous nature reserves, we walked as far as we could before heading off to Not For Cats to give Colin and emergency bath because he had rolled in something dead and disgusting! (separate post on Not For Cats to follow!)
Squad goals - Sev, Rhaps, Colin & Tilly
This will be quite a photo heavy post, the first set of photos are by me and the others are by the very talented Amy of Aura Photographs!
 Bows by Chloe Suzanne Designs (Sev's is buried under all that floof!)

 The coats behind Tilly is where I live, the Isle of Wight!
Bowtie by Bramble & Friends

Clearly more interested in Emily's treats than the camera!
And onto Amy's photos! (which are far more professional than mine!)

 New collars by Devil Dood Designs! 

Best pals!
Wheres your favourite beach?
Thank you for reading!
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo

Friday, 21 April 2017

Small Business Spotlight - Chloe Suzanne Designs

There are so many lovely, small businesses around at the moment so I thought i'd start a new series on the blog where I feature a different one each month, and this month is ChloeSuzanneDesigns!

This should come as no surprise really! We were one of the first to have a bandana from Chloe and we've been re-buying ever since! :-)
But the reason I chose Chloe's shop is because she's just launched her new bows and spring/summer print bandanas! I picked up four of the bow ties, three have a nautical theme and the last is pineapples because why not! The bows retail at £5 each and are slightly bigger than all the other bows in our collection, they are made to the usual high standard and attach to the collar with a loop of elastic, they are very lightweight and soft yet still sturdy enough not to be flat like some of the bows i've seen/bought!

I absolutely love them, and they will be making their proper debut when we meet up with Colin & Rhapsody and Tilly for beach walks next week!

Chloe's store can be found on Etsy, Twitter and Instagram @chloesuzannedesigns (theres an exclusive discount code for her instagram followers too!)

Have you bought anything from her shop? I think we need that pineapple bandana!
Lily's collar: "The Rose" by Teddy Maximus
Sev's collar:  City collar by Duke Loves Fergie
Thank you for reading!
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Introducing Edgard & Cooper

As most of you that regularly read my blog will know that i'm incredibly fussy with what I feed my dogs! They are predominantly raw fed (they currently eat Naturaw but am looking at moving them onto Benyfit!)
I feed L&S's main raw meal in the evening but also give them kibble for breakfast (i know, I shouldn't mix the two but Sev was weaned this way and Lily's never had any issues!) my hunt for the perfect kibble lead me to the Edgard & Cooper stand whilst at Crufts in March!

What originally drew me to Edgard & Cooper was the fact that their kibble is made from 100% fresh meat - none of the rubbish that you find in other brands! All of their food is highly digestible and slow baked at low temperatures to ensure all the goodness stays inside, all of the ingredients are organic and natural, which is something I always look for! They do a variety of flavours and offer a grain free recipe!

I bought two different flavours at Crufts, the Fresh Lamb Grain free recipe and the Salmon and Trout recipe. The first thing that attracted me was the packaging! It really is lovely, whilst being easy to read and still standing out, the packaging itself is 100% biodegradable and compostable, they only use water based inks too making them even more environmentally friendly!

And finally onto the food itself! L&S have been eating the Fresh Lamb with Apple and Carrot mixed in with their old food since March and absolutely love it! The kibbles smell really nice and are the perfect level between too dry and too greasy, the kibbles are a reasonable size which are suitable for a variety of breeds. My two go mad for this dry food, and I can feed it knowing theres nothing harmful or unnecessary in it! They're yet to try the Fresh Salmon and Trout with Spinach and Apple recipe but  I know they'll love it!

The lovely lady on the stand at Crufts kindly gave us one of the Lamb & Beef with Apple & Carrot trays to try, I thought i'd test it on fussy Ava - she loved it!

Have you tried it? :)
Thank you for reading,
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Mabel & Mu obsession continues!

It's not secret that I absolutely adore Mabel & Mu and have an embarrassingly large collection of their gorgeous bow ties, so was super excited to hear Deborah was releasing a whopping 10 new collections at Crufts! So naturally this meant a spending spree!

Here are our favourites from the new ranges!
Firstly is the new tartan ranges: Waterfall Walks and Wildflower Walks
The moment I saw these on Facebook I just knew we needed it, I added both the small bow tie and matching lead to our collection (and no doubt I'll buy the collars at some stage too!) The colours in these two ranges are just gorgeous, and perfect for Spring/Summer!
I love the sneaky pinks hidden amongst the blue in the Waterfall Walks set - so pretty!

Wildflower Walks is equally beautiful and feminine!

The next few bows aren't on the Mabel & Mu site but i'm sure they will be added soon (the are definitely worth the wait!
"A Day at the Races" no direct link to this one, but this yellow floral print bow just screams summer, not usually a yellow fan but this is just divine!

Denim bow tie, will be looking forward to seeing this in collar form, a really nice dark denim which really stood out against Sev's black coat!

And finally this Burberry inspired bow, well simply because the Designer Dachshunds just had to have it! ;-)

Hope you like these as much as we do! To read our previous post about Mabel & Mu, click here
Thank you for reading,
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo