Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Our Top 10 Bowties!

As a self confessed bow tie hoarder this was quite the challenge to narrow it down to just 10!
Here our our 10 favourites (in reverse order) that we've collected over the years;

10: Ditsy Pet - Rose Dickie Bow
I like the Ditsy Pet bows because they are the smallest i've found so perfect for everyday or for dogs that aren't keen on having things on their collars, I have quite the stash of these now, especially in their Christmas prints!

9: Mabel & Mu - Spookie Bow Tie
This is the first of the M&M bow ties to make it into my favourites, I just love this one! The print is adorable and it really finished off our Halloween photos last year.

8: Chloe Suzanne Designs - Blue Sailboats
Chloe's bows are a lot softer and lighter than most of the bows we've bought and Chlow has tonnes of lovely designs in her Etsy shop, I love the fabric of this one and am Saving especially for Cowes Week next month!

7: Bramble and Friends - Grey Harris Tweed (size small)
I've amassed quite the collection of bows from B&F, this is the biggest of the ones in my stash but is equally lovely, I bought this one for Sev's birthday photos because I wanted something a bit bigger that would really stand out.

6: Luna's Loft - We All Scream For
This is the newest edition to my collection, I was drawn to the pastel yellow and ice cream print of this one, I love it so much that I took Sev to the beach and especially bought him an ice cream for the photos!

5: Pepito & Co
No direct link to this one Pepito & Co are based in Madrid and have some really funky designs, I picked it up on my trip to Not For Cats, I'm a sucker for anything with dachshunds on so just had to have this one, it's a really fun print which I love!

4: Bramble and Friends - Baby Blue Harris Tweed (size extra small)
My favourite B&F bow, the colour is just gorgeous and they sit perfectly on the collar without being too big or bulky - I love this one so much that it actually lives in my camera bag!

3: Teddy Maximus - Rose Pink Liberty Print
The first TM bow in this list, the reason i've included this particular bow is because I helped to choose the fabric! It's one of Liberty's many gorgeous prints and is the perfect summer bow!

2: Mabel & Mu - Summer Meadow
This was so hard to choose just one favourite, all the M&M fabrics are beautiful, but I really like the yellow and the florals, perfect for summer!

1: Teddy Maximus - Duck Egg Bow Tie
Last but not least is my ultimate favourite, this is quite possibly the most understated bow in this list but it's so lovely! Sev wore it to DogFest and it just looked beautiful in all the photos, it's a lovely soft fabric which holds it's shape brilliantly, I also like that the TM bows have two loops of elastic which prevents the bows from slipping around - I love it! :)

Where is your favourite place to buy bow ties?
Thank you for reading, 
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

DogFest - Team South 2017!

Firstly I want to say a huge thank you to the DogFest PR team for allowing me to blog our day on Saturday!
This year the southern DogFest was held in Knebworth (last year it was in Windsor) which made it quite the trip for us (1 hour on the ferry and 1 1/2 hours in the car each way) but it was definitely worth it! The event seemed much better organised this year, we didn't que in the car, parked easily and go in straight away!

I met up with Chloe (with Winnie and Archie) and Shannen (with Bernie) and spent the day with them, all four dogs got on really well and we had no problems all day! :)
I love going to events like this because it's really lovely to be able to catch up with both blogging friends and the various brands we've worked with such as Slumbering Hound (who Sev loved having cuddles with!) PitPat and Huxley Hound! I also bumped into Sarah of Twilight Bark and her two dachshunds; Ted and Millie so couldn't resist taking a group shot!

 Sharing a Billy & Margot ice cream with Bernie! 
 Baby Fraggle! 😍
Ted, Millie, Bernie, Sev, Archie & Winnie!

Now onto my favourite part; the shopping! As always I had a list of places to visit/things to buy so that I didn't get totally distracted and want to buy everything (not that I don't do that anyway...!)
I always said I would never be the person that would dress their dogs up, but one look at the tacky hawaiian shirts and I'd gone back on my word! (it actually came in very handy at the PitPat stand!) I can't look at these photos without smiling!
Sev wore his PitPat all day (you can read about it here) and I picked up another at 50% with a free ChuckIt ball launcher which Daisy loves!

 Oh so hideous yet brilliant - £15 well spent! Ha!
Next we headed to Huxley Hound, Zena and her team are just lovely so it was nice to have a catch up! She kindly gave us some of their Sweet Potato and Beetroot treats which the dogs absolutely love! (theres a video off Sev drooling over these on my instagram!) 
 One happy Sev!

Next we headed to Broughton & Co where I ordered two collars with matching Lovelocks - a more in depth post on this is to follow as we've got an extra snazzy collar on order!
 Both photo's of the gorgeous Broughton stand were taken by Chloe

I also knew I wanted to stock up on foods, so we headed to the Benyfit Raw stand and picked up some Benyfit Bites (ultimate photo/show bribes!) and I preordered 20kg of raw to be delivered over the next two months which is super exciting! 

 The smells were clearly too much!
I also headed over to the lovely ladies at Edgard Cooper who instantly recognised Sev which was lovely, I buy their food for when we travel/forget to get raw out - the dachshunds love it and it's only made with the good stuff, they kindly gave me three trays to try on fussy Ava (current verdict is a thumbs up!) - read our previous post here. 

We had such a brilliant time and I know this post is ridiculously long by now so I shall leave you with some more photos!

Thank you for reading, and more importantly - Thank you to the PR team at DogFest for letting us go again! :-)
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo