Friday, 23 January 2015

Gettin' Fishy With It

Over the past few months we've been testing out various brands and types of fish skin chews, so in today's post we will be reviewing our three favourite types! I've been feeding these as a daily treat, each of the girls gets one chew each for their lunch - a healthy alternative to a dog biscuit and they love them! 

There are countless health benefits to the fish chews:
-  they are low in fat
-  they are rich in fish oils which is fab for the dogs skin/coat
-  due to their rough texture they're perfect for promoting healthy teeth 
-  all the treats we tried are 100% natural 
-  they're all completely grain/cereal free so perfect for dogs with allergies 

Lily's Kitchen "Truly Naturals" fish skin chews
These where the first variety of fish skin chews, these are made from 100% pure line caught Icelandic catfish. These are the longest chew that we've tried, they also have the strongest smell, it's not that bad but it is still noticeable! 
The packing is my favourite out of the three we've tried, they come in a resealable package which keeps the treats fresh. It's decorated with the standard Lily's Kitchen designs which is rather sweet. 
The chews last Lily a good 10-15 to chew due to the fact that they're quite hard, but she really enjoys them! 
Affordability: they retail at £3.99 for 75g 
Longevity: 10-15 minutes 
Moisture content: 8%
Overall rating: 4/5

Pet Munchies 100% Natural Dog Treats - Salmon Fillets
I found these after reading about them in a dog magazine, these treats have a different texture and shape the the Lily's chews, these are more flat and uniformed in size/shape. I was drawn to thse after reading about the benefits of Salmon oil for dogs, these are slightly smaller then the previous chews but appear to be softer as they only take Lily a short time to eat upon reading the ingredients I think this is due to a much higher moisture content. 
Unlike the usual orange Pet Munchies packaging the range of fish chews are packaged in black, they also feature the resealable top 
Affordability: £2.99 for 90g
Longevity: 3-5 minutes 
Moisture content: 25% 
Overall rating: 3/5

Billy + Margot - Fish Skin Cubes 
I was sent a box of these free with a larger order I made from Billy + Margot before Christmas, these are the only cube variety we have tried, they are all a similar square shape and are very hard. These are made from 100% air dried whitefish which are caught from only sustainable sources which is really good! Due to the smaller size, which is perfect for Lily I give her two, they keep her amused for ages and she always wants another one! 
They are packed in a small black cardboard box with the treats inside a plastic packet which isn't resealable unlike the previous two so I pop them into an air tight tub to keep them fresh. 
Affordability: £3.25 for 60g 
Longevity: 5-10 per cube
Moisture content: not specified 
Overall rating: 5/5 and our favourite! 

I hope you enjoyed the reviews and the new style of comparison! :) 
I will be doing a giveaway for a packet of the fish treats - check our Twitter for more information! 

Thank you for reading,
Jaime & Lily xo 

Saturday, 17 January 2015

All About Isla!

This post is a slight deviation from our usual posts, but I thought I'd give Isla a proper introduction! (And plus, who doesn't like puppy photos?!)

We got Isla just short of five weeks ago from Telford, she is a 14 week old German Shorthaired Pointer or GSP for short, she is an absolute nutter who loves everything and anything! 

We intend to show her along side Lily so I will update you with how they both get on! But for now I'll leave you with some pictures of the German hooligan herself! 
Thank you for reading,
Jaime, Lily, Daisy & Isla xo

Friday, 16 January 2015

Pooch & Mutt delivery!

We where very kindly contacted by the lovely Sam at Pooch & Mutt to ask if they could send us some of their products; having tried the "Brain and Train" treats before which Lily really liked I jumped at the chance! 

After speaking to Samantha I decided that the "Active Mobility" and "Fresh Breath" ranges sounded the best for Lily; extra joint care is always good especially when your legs are as small as Lily's!! And I clean Lily's teeth daily so would definitely appreciate a little extra help in the dental department ;-)  

The following day I received a very exciting package from Pooch & Mutts; who very kindly set us a full size 150 treat tube of their "Active Mobility" treats and a 2kilo sack of their "Fresh Breath" food to for Lily try! 

If you've been following us on Twitter you'll know I've been having a bit of an issue with Lily's coat being dry, so have been on a hunt to find a good quality food that she will look good on - and I'm seriously hoping that this brand will provide me and Lily with a solution! :-)

As I change Lily over onto the new food I will blog our progress! :-) 

Thank you for reading,
Jaime & Lily xo

Friday, 9 January 2015

Pre-Show Grooming Routine

I asked on Twitter if people would be interested in reading this so here it is! 

We have two variants to this really, one for the monthly matches or if she's in need of a freshen up and the second is her full bath/pamper routine. 

I use two brands only on Lily - being smooth coated she's pretty low maintenance so doesn't need much to get her looking nice, but I also think the fact that she has a very good diet helps, I can do a whole separate post on that if our readers are interested! 

Our Quick Grooming Routine:
I first off clean her ears/eyes and then I use one of the John Paul Pets "Healthy Paws" body and paw wipes which smell divine and make her shine! I then use the Animology "Gloss Finish" spray which I spray onto a microfibre cloth which I rub all over her (not only does this polish her but it picks up any dust etc) 

Full Bath Routine:
I use a combination of two different products when I bath Lily I start off with Animology's "Dog's Body" shampoo, I use this neat and apply it generously- this stuff is fabulous and gets all the dirt out of the coat it also has the signature Animology scent. 
After rinsing the first shampoo out, I apply my all time favourite dog grooming product the JP Pets "Awapoochi Shampoo" this stuff is absolutely incredible! It smells divine and makes Lily's coat so soft and shiny! It's one of the pricier grooming products I own but one I'll happily rebuy over and over! You only need the tiniest amount of the product and once rinsed and dried Lily smells like the shampoo for days after! I'd even go as far as to say I'd be tempted to use it for myself!! 

I hope this is helpful, I've gone through a tonne of different products before I found these four go-to products that I know will always make Lily look good! :-) 
Thank you for reading,
Jaime & Lily xo

Red Dingo Delivery #2

Those of you that follow me on Twitter will know that I'm a little bit obsessed with red dingo dog collars, so naturally when my favourite pet website; had a sale that included most of the RD range I had to buy one (or four!!)

The first three are for Lily who already has 6 RD collars ranging from daisy print to neon pink, I'm quite fussy about what colours I'll put on Lily usually sticking to pinks so I decided to order two purple collars.

I picked out the "Breezy Love" in purple which I'd previously been on the fence over, but in person it's actually gorgeous and I actually think I prefer it to the pink version that we already own! The webbing of the collar is a deep purpley pink, which really sets the lighter heart printed ribbon off - it's a girlie collar without being too in your face! 

The second collar I picked out is the "Daisy Chain" in purple, this is a much more standard purple colour than the first one as it's quite a bit darker, we also own the original blue version (this was Lily's first RD collar!) it's a smart yet pretty addition to our collection. 

And finally I picked out the plain pale pink collar, definitely didn't need this one, but sometimes it's nice to have a plain collar:-) 

The main reason for the order was to get a bigger sized RD collar for Isla as she'd previously been wearing one of Lily's! We picked out the "Brown with Pink Polkadots" as it looks gorgeous on Lily who's slightly lighter than Isla, it's a lovely subtle collar which really suits Isla! :-) 

I'd say this will be the last time I need to order collars for a while but knowing me as soon as the new designs come out no doubt all three dogs will just have to get new ones! ;-)

Thanks for reading, 
Jaime & Lily xo

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A parcel from Minkey's Tweed

YI entered a photo of Lily in Minkey's Tweed's Black Friday competition back in November in which she won! Her prize was a Christmas hamper which we received a couple of weeks ago- apologies for the slight delay! The past 3 weeks have been puppy filled chaos! 

The hamper itself came beautifully packaged in a brown box stamped with their logo for and tied up with festive red and white twine - I have actually kept this to use as a cute box in which to keep her rosettes! 
The inside was filled with red paper strands (not sure what the actual name is for them!) which lily couldn't wait to investigate!
The  contents of the box was lovely; a box of Lily's Kitchen Christmas treats which the girls love! A handmade plush toy bone in Union Jack print on one side and the signature tweed on the other, which is very well made and the perfect size for Lily. And finally my favourite part; the reversible tweed and deer print bandana which is completely adorable and beautifully crafted, the top of the bandana is lined with a soft cream faux fur - she looks utterly adorable! 
Although the Christmas hampers are not available now as sadly it's no longer Christmas, Minkey's Tweed do make gorgeous tweed dog coats, collars, leads and other goodies; I'd really like to get Lily one of their Barnarby coats! 
I'd totally recommend Minkey's Tweed, not only are their products all made to an incredibly high standard but the company is also one of the nicest that I've dealt with! 
All of their links are in the picture below! 
Thank you for reading, 
Jaime & Lily xo