Friday, 9 January 2015

Pre-Show Grooming Routine

I asked on Twitter if people would be interested in reading this so here it is! 

We have two variants to this really, one for the monthly matches or if she's in need of a freshen up and the second is her full bath/pamper routine. 

I use two brands only on Lily - being smooth coated she's pretty low maintenance so doesn't need much to get her looking nice, but I also think the fact that she has a very good diet helps, I can do a whole separate post on that if our readers are interested! 

Our Quick Grooming Routine:
I first off clean her ears/eyes and then I use one of the John Paul Pets "Healthy Paws" body and paw wipes which smell divine and make her shine! I then use the Animology "Gloss Finish" spray which I spray onto a microfibre cloth which I rub all over her (not only does this polish her but it picks up any dust etc) 

Full Bath Routine:
I use a combination of two different products when I bath Lily I start off with Animology's "Dog's Body" shampoo, I use this neat and apply it generously- this stuff is fabulous and gets all the dirt out of the coat it also has the signature Animology scent. 
After rinsing the first shampoo out, I apply my all time favourite dog grooming product the JP Pets "Awapoochi Shampoo" this stuff is absolutely incredible! It smells divine and makes Lily's coat so soft and shiny! It's one of the pricier grooming products I own but one I'll happily rebuy over and over! You only need the tiniest amount of the product and once rinsed and dried Lily smells like the shampoo for days after! I'd even go as far as to say I'd be tempted to use it for myself!! 

I hope this is helpful, I've gone through a tonne of different products before I found these four go-to products that I know will always make Lily look good! :-) 
Thank you for reading,
Jaime & Lily xo


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