Thursday, 4 December 2014

Black Friday Haul!

I did a bit of Black Friday online shopping, I didn't actually need anything so I tried to limit myself, but I did buy quite a bit!

The first place I bought from was actually on Thursday! The British brand Butch & Bess are having a 50% of the whole range as they're rebranding all their products I picked up a bottle of "Sun Shiny Hair Day" shampoo which is specifically designed for shorthaired dogs. I haven't had a chance to try it yet but it smells delicious! It can be found here and is still on offer so grab a bargain.

The next purchase was from Barbour. Lily's had her quilted jacket for a while now and I love it! So when I saw the olive coloured waxed version on sale for £31 instead of £39.99 I knew she had to have it! Lily wears the size small which fits perfectly and is long enough! The waxed version has a lovely tartan lining and is just gorgeous, I totally recommend them!

The final place I bought from was Pets at Home - I seemed to be the only person that didn't have issues logging on! All of the things I bought (except one!) are specifically for our new GSP puppy that is due to join us in a few weeks! All the items I bought where on offer as well as the extra 10% off which was a bargain! I picked up 3 items from the brand BecoThings which all had 50%; the hoop which cost me £2.00, The beco ball on a rope which was £3.00 and lastly the rope ring (which is waaaay bigger than I'd imagined!) which was £2.50 all the beco range is ecofriendly and made with soft natural materials which will be perfect for the puppy. I picked up a Nerf Tuff tug in the sale at 50% for £4.50 it's super heavy duty and looks like it will be lots of fun :-). I picked up a knitted scarf for Lily, its completely pointless but at £3.75 it's cute. I finally bought another pack of the girls' favourite Natures Menu treats which weren't on sale but we'd run out so I added them in anyway :-)
 The bottom picture is Lil's wearing her scarf and coat - doesn't she look cute?!

 Thank you for reading!
Jaime & Lily xo


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