Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Is your dog #DogHappy?

Laughing Dog is based on the Grant family farm in Lincolnshire where they have been baking biscuits for three generations since Ted Grant founded their bakery. The brand, which was started in 1936 has gone from strength to strength from starting life as a baked mixer meal to today, having a full range of dry and wet completes including grain and wheat free options! Ingredients where possible, are grown and sourced from the family farm in the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside where everything is carefully baked and checked before leaving the factory, unlike lots of bigger brands, lots of care and attention goes into very bag of Laughing Dog! Each bag can be traced back to the baker who made it and the oven in which it was baked.
 This is something i've always looked for when buying for my dogs, when I first got Lily she was on a mass produced well known brand and subsequently had very dry skin, no muscle tone and generally looked sad, currently the dachshunds are predominantly raw fed but do have biscuits for breakfast and i'm constantly on the lookout for the best food going!
When I was contacted by Taisie of Laughing Dog asking if I wanted to try some of their food I was very excited! The gang have had treats from them (Joint Care Oaties) and absolutely loved them so I said yes!

Laughing Dog sent us a variety of goodies including one of their wet foods and 3 different types of their dry completes.
We've tested two of the dry food today and will try the other one later in the week! The Lamb Hotpot wet will be shared between us for dinner tomorrow (as i'd already got their raw out for tonight - oops!) Although they don't have wet food, i'm always looking for one that is the right size to do a meal each for the two of them when we're travelling as it's rather awkward staying in a hotel and having to store frozen raw food!! The Lamb Hotpot looks like it will be perfect for that!

First off we tried the Wheat Free Turkey which is a senior recipe (LD sent me this as it's the closest to what they are on currently). This had a gorgeous bakery smell, so many food we've tried have had a horrid smell! The moment i'd opened the package the dogs smelt it and couldn't wait to try, the biscuits are quite chunky which normally outs them off but not this one - they loved it! Our resident OAP, Daisy cocker, will be having the rest of this for her dinner tonight and i'm sure she'll love it too!

The next dry they tried was the Grain Free Duck recipe, this once again had a lovely rustic, home baked smell to it, and as before they couldn't wait to taste it! (Lily actually stole some whilst I was trying to photograph it!!) I always try to buy grain free for my 2 so it is nice that they offer a variety of favours both wet and dry for me to choose from!

Overall Lily & Sev definitely enjoyed their sample and I would't hesitate to buy more! The prices are very affordable (£7.99 for 1.5kg which would last my two ages!)
We'd like to try the venison recipe next because we have raw venison for our dinner most days!
My only suggestion would be a small dog recipe with smaller pieces, but other than that we loved to and are definitely Dog Happy! :)
For more information or to place an order pop to . All orders over £15 qualify for free next day delivery too. :)

Thank you for reading,
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo


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