Friday, 24 June 2016

Our 3 Favourite Rawhide Alternatives!

The internet is full of posts about the horrors of rawhide chews, so I set about to find the perfect alternative that both of the dachshunds actually enjoy (nylabones are ignored in this house!).
Two of our favourites are vegetable based whist the other is a fish chew, the dogs get so excited by all of these and cannot wait until it's chew time every evening!

Firstly we have SmartBones, the daxi's enjoy both the bones and the sticks, but i've included the dental mini chews for this review, these are 99% digestible making them safe for dogs tummies, are fortified with vitamins and minerals including ingredients to prevent bad breath. I feed these daily for the dachshunds' lunch, I'm very fussy about what the dogs eat in regards to fat content and these are perfect as they are 0.3%! They can be quite pricey so I always stock up when Pets at Home have them on offer! The mini pack of 24 bones is £9.99

Next up we have an old favourite, the Lily's Kitchen Truly Naturals Fish Skin chews, these are 100% air dried Icelandic Catfish skins, the dogs know when its fish skin time and get so, so excited! These are the longest lasting out of our three favourites and I keep them for special occasions! The only slight negative to these is the smell! But this seems to add to the appeal! These are £3.99 for a pack.

And lastly we have our absolute favourite; Whimzees! Myself and various other members of the Sausage Army where spending a fortune on buying these individually until I came across the Variety box on Viovet! This box contains 48 whimzees (Sticks, Crocodiles and Toothbrushes). The box is resealable and every evening I open it and let the sausages goose their own which they really like! The box of 48 retails at £14.71.

Hope this is helpful, thank you for reading!
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo


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