Monday, 27 June 2016

DogFest #TeamSouth

Myself and Lily where lucky enough to be invited to DogFest in Windsor last Saturday by the lovely Lisa and Sam of Guru Pet Food! We tested their food on our blog early this year, if you'd like to read that, click here! Guru is such a fab company who we where incredibly proud to be a part of the Guru Geeks! :)
Lily and I adored the Guru stand - Lily even claimed herself one of their seriously comfy leather chairs! We got to meet various instagram dogs whilst on the stand, Bruno the dachshund and his mums who i've not seen since Crufts! & the gorgeous Duke and his parents from Duke Loves Fergie (French Bulldogs are my absolute guilty pleasure, and Duke is such a gorgeous boy!).

We've had this blog for almost 3 years and have it was so nice to finally be able to meet some of these people we've been talking to for so long! Jacob & bruno the chocolate miniature smooth dachshunds from jacob_bruno_mini_dachshunds, Winny the Corgi (another serious dog crush - I was far too busy getting excited to try and take a photo!!).

I brought my canon with me but due to the unpredictable weather I ended up using my iPhone all day, we walked around the show ground and as predicted, did far too much shopping! From both old favourites and new! Separate posts will follow this one! :)
We popped along to the Royal Canin stand where Lily was weighed - the RC vets told me that she was perfect :) Every person that stopped to talk to Lily commented on how soft her coat was and lovely condition she was, which is a real compliment as I work so hard to keep both of mine looking perfect! :)

I had such a great time and am so thankful to have been invited to blog about the event for Guru, we had such an incredible time, regardless of the weather, thank god for pack-a-macs and Lily's waterproof Teddy Maximus coat!

Thank you for reading!
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo