Sunday, 3 July 2016

WagyTail 50% Sale! Our Picks!

Once again our friends over at Wagytail have another crazy sale! Everything has 50% off suing the code "sale50"! Here's our picks!

Yes, I know, they really didn't need anymore but i've been eyeing these limited edition beauties up since they where released and at £6.75 each I just couldn't say no! The colour on these are gorgeous and I love the colours! 

These are two of the newer designs, the navy stripe is for Sev and I picked the mint floral print up for Lily these where £2.25 each! Utter bargain!! 

The discount code also applies to sale items so as there isn't an exact matching lead for the harnesses I chose I though these would match nicely! The pink star lead was £3 and the blue polka dot was £2.75 reduced from £11!! 

The sale is so good I'm honestly considering placing a second order!! 
I've got some other Wagytail items that need photographing so another post with the dachs is in the works! Just need the weather to improve!!

Thanks for reading! 
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo