Tuesday, 21 June 2016

DogFest Wishlist!

Super excited to go shopping at DogFest, going to events is such a great opportunity to find something new, on my wish list are various different brands that i'd love to try as well as some old favourites, so here are our picks!

1. DitsyPet
I've got a few things i'd like to pick up from them, my favourites being these:
- Bella Collar

- Bella Bow

- Ahoy Bow

- Midnight Star Bandana

2. Holly&Lil
This is a brand that i've always liked but never been sure on sizing, having Lily with me is the perfect chance to be able to try things on her!
- Tweed Dog Collar
- Leopard Rose Collar

3. Pet London
Does Lily need another Puppia harness? No, but that's never stopped me!
- Navy Farren harness

4. Barking Heads
My current dry food of choice, so will be popping by to pick up some treats!
- Love Hugs

Thank you for reading, i'l share our purchases in a post next week!
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo


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