Saturday, 10 December 2016

Dog Show Diaries - Our overnight essentials!

We've had a ridiculously manic couple of days so i've missed two posts - sorry!
We're off to Birmingham later today ready for LKA championship dog show on sunday! (Our last big one before Crufts!) this involves an overnight stay so I thought i'd share my essentials!

Our main essential is this fabric, collapsable crate - this was so inexpensive but so, so good! Sev loves his crate, brilliant for travelling as it provides a safe den that smells like home, I always pack extra vet bed so it's extra cosy! The tag is from the first Disney x Cath Kidston collection and it has all of mine and Sev's information on it (phone numbers etc)
The crate also has a handy built in pocket which I keep a few extra must haves; a slicker brush, a collapsable water bowl, some wet wipes and his lunch (not pictured but I always pack him a Whimzee as a treat!). 
Now onto the show bag! This is a Michael Kors Sutton which I bought especially for dog shows as it's the perfect size! It's really lightweight and has so many pockets which is brilliant for storing everything I need to get (and keep!) Sev show ready!

Now onto the contents! I've packed his Teddy Maximus "London" dog coat, this is my favourite out of the TM coats, not only is it super warm and cosy but it features a built in harness hole and has a piece of fabric that covers the chest which is a must have for Sev on damp days as he has a lot of coat! I've packed a Puppia Style B harness for this trip along with his seatbelt attachment so that he's secure and comfortable for the long car journey, the lead is by Ditsy Pet. 

I also carry various emergency supplies; Tweezers, Piriton (I always carry these in the dog bag after Isla had a reaction to being bitten by a horsefly!) poo bags, eye wipes (these are for Lily who is prone to getting a runny eye!) and our Dorwest calming drops.
The next item would be Sev's main essential - treats! These are by Boxby and I mentioned these in my last monthly favourites - Sev loves these and will really do anything for them!
The rest of the bits and pieces army show kit, Sev's lead, my ring clip and my lucky comb! These all live inside a zipped case by Websters' Pages - brilliant for making sure I don't loose anything!

I'll do my best to take some photos at the show tomorrow; Sev & Isla will be showing and hopefully we'll be able to meet our friend Baloo from Twitter! 
Wish us luck! :-)

Thank you for reading!
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo


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