Sunday, 4 December 2016

November Favourites

Can't believe we are already in December! This year has gone so fast!
Here are our favourites from the last month, some are obvious choices but we really have loved them!

Firstly is our gorgeous Slumbering Hounds Luxurious Slumber bed which i'm sure you're all fed up of reading about by now! But Lily absolutely loves this and would spend all day in it if I let her! The full post on this is linked here.

Our second favourite this month is Daisy's new collar from Devil Dood Designs, this is a paracord martingale collar which is super tough and hardwearing, perfect for a soggy spaniel!

The next favourite is a newish one, in my Pet Nature box I received a pot of the Pointy Faces "Paw & Sore balm" in the organic neem and lavender scent, Ava is constantly prone to pink chewy spots on her front legs, this balm helps to reduce the itching which means she leaves them alone so they can heal! This was also be super useful as the weather gets colder as Lily can get dry pads!

Our favourite treats this month are from a new brand to us; Boxby Trainer Mini Bones. I was given a sample of these at discover dogs and I'm sure they're magic! Lily and Sev will literally do anything for them! They're tiny little soft bone treats that are perfect either as training treats or in my case, photography bribes!

Our final favourite is another item from our Pet Nature box, the fleece Tugger! This was an instant hit, Sev stole it straight away and ran off with it! This is a really simple but strong toy that they all love! 

Thank you for reading!
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo 


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