Wednesday, 7 December 2016

2016 Black Friday Haul!

Black Friday is one of my favourites, so many brands got involved with offering crazy discounts on literally everything so naturally I had to join in! This year I had a game plan and tried to stick my list, that sort off worked so here's my haul!

Boots & Bones 
Not sure if this technically counts as I bought them on the Thursday but they where discounted! I also received two other collars, but these will feature in a future post!

Tweed Dog collar - £13.99 this featured in an earlier gift guide but it's so much nicer in person and so soft! As with everything Ellie makes, it is beautifully made! I especially like the new branding on the collars!
Floral Silk collar - £10.99 i fell in love with this print the moment Ellie shared it's first photo! The floral pattern is gorgeous and not too in your face like lots of the floral print collars i've seen, it's also super soft and not bulky so perfect for small people!

Duke Loves Fergie
This was the bulk of my black friday shopping! I was good and stuck to my list! I picked up a couple of their new items and a collar that i've had my eye on for a while!
Jolly AF t-shirt - £13 I thought this was absolutely hilarious, especially for Sev who can look quite unjolly - ha! (not sure if I need to exchange these for a bigger size, they're both quite small!)

You can't sit with us t-shirt - £13 another jumper that I think is hilarious! I'm a huge Mean Girls fan and Lily can be a big dog/people snob so this suits her perfectly! (same as above, gorgeous and super soft, just a bit small/tight!)
Signature Neckerchief - £10 I picked this up for Sev, the colours are lovely and think it really suits Sev! I love that it comes in it's own pouch, a ready made present!

Corde Collar Dove Grey and Blue - £30 i've had my eye on this collar for a while and when it went on sale I just had to have it! I'm hoping that because it's made of rope instead of flat leather that Sev will be able to wear this without marking his coat :) I had my complimentary tag engraved with Lily's twitter name to use as a keyring to go on her dog crate for shows!

Mabel & Mu
Another of my favourite shops so couldn't resist a small purchase when I saw that they had 20% off!
Bubblegum Santa Lead - £12.95 This is by far my favourite christmas print ever so I grabbed Lily a lead to go with her bow! I almost want to use this all year round!

City Walks Collar - £10.95 This is part of the Mabel & Mu Luxury range and I was admiring it at Discover Dogs so definitely had to add it to our collection! Deborah kindly resized the collar for Lily I prefer their collars to be as thin as possible because they're small, this one is perfect! So soft and light weight! (It looks baggy in the photos because I hadn't adjusted it properly - oops!)

Ditsy Pet via eBay
Ditsy Pet have an outlet store type shop on their ebay, I picked up this red and white nordic style lead just before Black Friday but at £6.95 it's perfect for the dogs' various christmas outings! No link to this one because I think we bought the last one!

Thank you for reading, did you buy anything exciting?
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo


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