Thursday, 5 March 2015

Bionic Biotic - First Impressions

Last weekend I received another package from one of our favourite brands, Pooch & Mutt!

I was sent one of their best selling products; Bionic Biotic which is a probiotic supplement for dogs. 

It's been designed to help skin and hair growth as well as dealing with digestive issues because it contains a combination of probiotics, prebiotics, oils and other vitamins that are beneficial to dogs' health. 

I was excited to try it, and due to Lily's weight she gets 1 teaspoon added to her evening meal, the packaging says that you start to see a difference so I will blog again to update you on how she's getting on!

The product itself comes in a powder form and smells really nice! I add the teaspoon into her food and mix well,  she isn't bothered by the smell and happily eats her food with it in!

Will update you with how we get, on I'm expecting good things from this product! :-)

Thank you for reading!
Jaime & Lily xo


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