Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Why we love TheJanuaryRose!

I've followed Louise from TheJanuaryRose and her gorgeous little dog, Rosie on Twitter/Instagram for quite a while, but have until now never bought anything from her Etsy (not quite sure how that happened really!) but have been lusting over a number of her gorgeous items for quite some time!
A couple of weeks ago Louise shared a discount code for her easy, and that was it really - I knew what I just had to have!

I'm actually quite proud of myself for the fact that I only bought two things!! But god, are the lovely!
Firstly I bought something that i've had in my etsy favourites for months, one of the stamped "Crazy *insert breed here* Lady" keyrings, Louise has an option for extra hearts to be added so I paid for the two heart option which is priced at £7.49, with a heart each for Lily & Sev - I absolutely adore this, it's so, so beautifully made and presented! I also plan on picking a couple more up for friends of mine as christmas presents :-)

My finally purchase was another collar for Lily (I know, I know!). I went for the Navy and Pink Floral in the 10mm width, I spend my life on the hunt for dainty floral collars that aren't over wide or bulky, so the option to choose a smaller width was perfect for me! The collars are made to measure ensuring a perfect fit, the collar much like the keyring is beautifully made and gorgeous, will defintly be buying more and the matching bows! :)

(apologies for the changes in lighting; I photographed these during a storm!)
Thank you for reading!
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo


  1. Lily looks great in her collar. I love Louise, and TJR, it's such a lovely little brand and we have some of the nicest items from there. When we first got our Spaniel Lover keyring last year, it's been on our list of loves since then xx
    Love Steph & The Spaniels