Monday, 27 November 2017

2017 Christmas Gift Guides - Stocking Fillers!

I think this is my favourite section in the gift guide series, there are so many lovely bits and bobs out there that would make brilliant gifts without breaking the bank, as they're all so affordable!

Here are our favourites!

1. Red Nosed Dachshund Garland from Tabby Rabbit - £7.00
This is so adorable I'm totally planning on ordering the rainbow version after Christmas so I can have it up all year round!

2. Dachshund Poop Bag holder from The Cosy Canine Company - £12.95*
Some of you may recognise that I featured these in a previous gift guide but Lottie has since improved them and they're now better than ever! She also offers a variety of designs and the option to have it embroidered too! Lottie has also provided me with a discount code for you all; LILYANDSEV

3. Tartan x Denim Stars Bowtie from Boots & Bones - £6.00
Ellie at Boots & Bones has just started releasing bows that coordinate with her gorgeous collars, I absolutely love red tartan for the Christmas period, Lily & Sev wear the size small and they're brilliant, not too big or bulky for smaller dogs unlike some we've bought from other places.

4. Dachshund Through The Snow mug from Matalan - £2
Can't find a direct link to this online, but I bought mine in store, actually thats a lie, I bought 3! This makes the perfect gift especially as it's so cheap!
5. Smooth Haired Dachshund bauble from Devoted To Dachshunds - £15.95*
Selina from Devoted to Dachshunds very kindly sent me this gorgeous ceramic bauble by Victoria Armstrong, it is so beautifully made that i'm very tempted to find somewhere for it to live all year round! Devoted to Dachshunds also sell a Wire-haired version too!
6. Deep Red Harris Tweed bow tie from Bramble and Friends - £6.00
Every year I treat L&S to a festive tweed bowtie and this years' is my favourite by far! Such a gorgeous colour perfect for any occasion not just Christmas
7. Dachshund Luggage Tag from Devoted to Dachshunds - £3.00
I use a luggage tag on Sev's show crate to hold all my emergency info so obviously had to have a daxi one! I also picked up two more as they will make perfect presents for two of my dachshund mad friends!

8. Dachshund and Chill Pins from Duke Loves Fergie - £6.00*
These are just ridiculously adorable, and I actually think are far too cute to gift, so I totally plan on hoarding them all myself! Especially love the Custard Cream pin - so adorable!

9. Enamel Dog Decorations from Accessorize - £6.00
Couldn't pass these up to mention on here, they make the perfect small present for any daxi fan, especially love the Dach wearing reindeer antlers!

10. Sausage Dog Christmas socks from Accessorize - £3.50
Because who doesn't love socks at Christmas?! Especially when they have glittery dachshunds on them!

What are your favourites? I'm totally in love with the B&F bow tie myself!
Thank you for reading,
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo

*anything marked with an * was sent to me to include, all options are completely my own.


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