Saturday, 16 December 2017

2017 Gift Guides - Lily & Severus' Wishlist

These are the things that L&S would absolutely love to get for Christmas!

Dachshund Specific coats from Country & Twee
Always struggle to find good quality coats that actually fit the dachshunds, especially Sev as he's very long! But Country & Twee make a whole range of gorgeous breed specific coats, our favourites are
The Dachshund Underbelly coat £40

"One for The Girls" Tweed coat £48.50

Pink Signature Print Festive Hamper from Teddy Maximus £115
This hamper is at the top of Lily's wish list! Lily looks lovely in pale pink and I adore the signature print, but somehow don't seem to own any of the pink range!

Luxury Knitted Jumpers from Teddy Maximus £68
Pink for Lily and Navy for Sev! These caught my eye as I have a nearly identical navy cable knit jumper myself, and twinning is always winning!

I spotted this brand whilst scrolling through Instagram one day, i'm a sucker for anything rose gold and I think this would look lovely on Lily! 

What's on your pups' wishlist this year?
Thank you for reading,
Jaime, Lily & Sev


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