Thursday, 15 March 2018

Crufts 2018!

Earlier I asked on instagram if people would be interested in seeing a Crufts haul and the response was a massive yes! I thought i'd include our Crufts summary in this post too; totally failed on the photography front as it was sooooo busy on both the Friday and the Sunday!

Firstly, please excuse the questionable lighting/background on my photos, we've just moved and i've not quite got my set up sorted yet! Eeek!

 Two gorgeous Standard Longhaired Dachshunds!
 Making himself at home at Cosy Chic Pet Boutique 
Visiting our favourites at Edgard Cooper!
 We had all three show dogs entered again this year, Ava the St. Bernard on Thursday (she won a 4th place in a large class) Sev on Friday who sadly was unplaced (through no fault of his own!) and lastly Isla, the German Shorthaired Pointer on Sunday (who also took a 4th place in a very big class!). I like to think i've got Crufts down to a fine art after doing it for so many years; I do the bulk of my shopping on the day that I don't have a dog with me as juggling a dachshund, carrying shopping and navigating a crowd is rather hard work (especially when they all want to touch Sev without asking - my biggest pet peeve!!).

Photo taken by Adorable Cockers
This isn't everything that I bought over the weekend, I always stock up on everyday essentials (trading treats, raw food, replacement equafleeces etc) and some things will feature in a separate blog post. This year I was on a budget due to moving out and having a house to furnish and decorate but i'm pleased with what I bought! :)

Food & Treats
We visited our favourites over at Edgard Cooper to stock up on dry food, buying 3kg of S&L's favourite recipe; Fresh Lamb w/ Apple and Carrot we were also kindly given a bag of the Organic Fresh Turkey & Chicken to try which they've not had before but i'm sure they'll love it! 
Our next stop was Benyfit Raw to take advantage of their show deals (£39.95 for 10kg of raw? Yes please!) and to pick up some of our favourite training treats; Black Pudding and Turkey.
We also popped to Nineteen 87; this is a new brand to us so we took advantage of their £5 show offer which bought us 1.5kg of their Grain Free Welsh Lamb kibble and a packet of their Duck Bites treats (which Sev loves!)
Some of the other assorted treats and food we picked up were a sample pouch from Rockster, and some packets of dental chews from Woolf.

Not pictured are Sev's new Equafleece (identical to his existing two, just one of their new longer sizes!) 2 new drying coats from Ruff & Tumble and DogRobes (we also picked up a snood from their bargain bin which i'm excited to try!).
On Sunday I headed to DogSnug to buy two of their dog jumpers, I only went with the intention of looking but couldn't resist and ended up buying two!

As always I headed to Mabel&Mu to pick up some pieces from their new ranges, as the majority of these launched at Crufts there is no direct link to them, but the red tartan bow tie is online and is from the Mountain Walks collection.

I picked up two collars that i'd ordered in advance, the metallic Paracord rope style collar is from DevilDoodDesigns and the rainbow ombre rope slip collar is from Luna's Loft (use Fachshund10 for 10% off!)

Other Stuff
I headed straight to Dorwest on Friday to stock up on our favourites! With every purchase they were giving away a free tennis ball, which Sev is obsessed with! I grabbed another bottle of Omega Star oil, which is our ultimate go to product. We also picked up a Limited Edition tin w/ Keepers Mix biscuits - okay so I didn't need this but tins are always super handy to store dog treats in! And a bottle of their newly released Turmeric Tablets (not pictured as I sent them home with mum!) Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory which is brilliant for dogs with back problems like Lily!
Our garden is very grassy and sometimes Sev comes in from the garden and is quite muddy, I've been on the look out for a product that will clean his fur without needing to bath and dry him, I walked past the Hownd stand and spotted their Miracle Natural Dry Foam Wash which after talking to the lady on the stand is exactly what I want! You simply rub the foam into the coat and it removes all the dirt; perfect for on the go too! I took advantage of their offers and also picked up some of their other grooming products too, which i'm looking forward to testing out.
We also visited Chuck It! the guys on the stand kindly gave us two of their new Strato balls; Sev absolutely loves his Chuck It! balls and has quite the collection, i'm sure he'll love these as they're extra bouncy!
And lastly is something I picked up for my other half who likes to knit/crochet - I was on my way back to the benches on Sunday when a stand filled with crocheted dogs caught my eye, Kerry Lord is the lady behind Edward's Menagerie:Dogs by TOFT and had just launched a book with 50 different patterns of breeds of dogs (which are all totally adorable!)

So, did you go to Crufts? If so what did you buy?
Thank you for reading!
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo


  1. Absolutely wonderful post! What a perfect concept. Thank you RemedyReviewBlog

  2. Absolutely wonderful post! What a perfect concept. Thank you RemedyReviewBlog