Monday, 10 December 2018

2018 Christmas Gift Guide

I can't believe it's almost Christmas time again!
I love everything about Christmas, and this year is extra special as it's our first one together in our house! :)

This year i've not included as much as I have in previous years, but have included a variety of things from our favourite companies, both old and new.

'The Melody' Pink Oops! Pouch - Teddy Maximus £14.95
This is the perfect gift for anyone who's fed up of having pocket fulls of poo bags! This one lives in my Mulberry handbag and is chic enough to pass as a luxury bag charm. It comes in a variety of colours, but I love the pink and gold combo!

Frayed Bandanas - Luna's Loft
These frayed bandanas from Luna's Loft really are lovely, my favourites are the Finn (the blue) and the Delilah (the pink). They come in a wide range of colours and sizes making them perfect gift for any pup!

Candy Cane Weather Proof Lead - DevilDoodDesigns £27.50
I have been saving this lead for December and it is just brilliant! It adds a perfect festive touch without being too in your face. The biothane handle is super comfy to use, and the weather proof rope is perfect for the wintery weather, dirt simply washes off and the lead is good to go!

Signature Print Dog Toy - Teddy Maximus £17.99
The bone we have is in the light blue fabric (which perfectly matches our Slumber bed!). These bones are surprisingly tough and ours is still going strong! They have a squeaker in too, which the Dachshunds love!

PoochPlay Activity Tracker - £39.99
This is by far the best dog activity tracker we've used! The PoochPlay is a tiny little device that records your dogs activity levels, the bonus with these is that the device itself is tiny, not bulky and super lightweight making it perfect for smaller dogs and puppies. They now come in a variety of colours!

100% Pure Wool Bows - MaddieMakesForYou - £6.50
I picked up three of these in their recent relay to ship sale and was super impressed with the quality! These bows are perfectly sized and very well made, they attach to the collar with a loop of elastic.
Pictured are the Formby (blue), Lavender Cottage (lilac) and the Bramble.

Turkey and Cranberry Dental Bones - PlaqueOff
These bones are quite new from PlaqueOff, i've used their dental powder for years and these seasonal themed dental bones make the perfect guilt free treat for your dogs!

'The Kimberley' Scalloped Navy Tote Bag - Teddy Maximus £150
The new tote bags from Teddy Maximus are just dreamy! This gorgeous navy coloured bag is top of my Christmas wishlist this year! TM has released the tote bag in three stunning colours; Tan, Black and the Navy (which is my favourite!). Each tote bag comes with a complimentary Acme dog whistle which in itself is a dream Christmas gift, which is gold plated and matches the individual tote bags perfectly!

So, what is on your Christmas List this year? Do let me know!

Thanks for reading, Jaime and the Dachshunds xo


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