Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Mable&Mu we heart You!

I stumbled across the Mabel&Mu online shop whilst scrolling through Twitter the other evening, the thing that first caught my eye is they really cater for all sizes including various different widths meaning I could order something for Lily (the collars we bought are 15mm which is slightly larger than what we usually buy but they aren't bulky so are perfect!)
I bought a few different bits and pieces from their range as I'd never bought from them before but I was really impressed, all the items where lovely and came well packaged and arrived extremely fast!All orders from Mabel&Mu come with free delivery too :)

I orded multiple pieces from the "Foxglove" and "Pinkie" ranges; a collar, bandana and bow.
 I ordered collars in size 1 which would be a perfect fit for either of mine (The collars are for Lily but Sev is sightly bigger!)one of my favourite touches is that each of the collars has a little metal dog charm which is an adorable touch! The collars in this size where £8.40 each.

I also ordered the coordinating bandanas, these are brilliant for little people as they are much smaller and the point doesn't hit the front of the daxi's legs which is brilliant! I ordered size 1 and they fit perfectly, I will definitely be ordering more! The bandanas I bought where £1.95 each.

And finally I bought some bows these where only £2.25! The intention was to buy one for Sev to wear to our top secret event in the summer but as you'll see, I only bought them for Lily - oops!
The bows attach via a strip of elastic which means they can be worn on a variety of widths of collar and are incredibly well made! The bows aren't flat like a lot I've seen which makes them really stand out! The three I ordered where "Pinkie" "Foxglove" and "Summer" but the team at Mabel&Mu kindly included a firth bow; from the "Springtime" range which is a gorgeous pastel green and is my favourite out of the four!





Overall i'm super pleased with my order, everything is great value for money and the quality is brilliant, I will 100% be ordering more in the future!

Thank you for reading;
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo


  1. This is the cutest thing. I have some floral ones coming for the dogs, I'm not sure if Sev will pull it off, but I hope they look at cute as your two xx
    Love Steph & The Spaniels

    1. My sev was subjected to it; he's at one with his feminine side! (i'm convinced he's too pretty to be a real boy!) xx