Wednesday, 6 April 2016

What We've Bought In March!

As you most likely know I have a slight shopping problem so I thought i'd summarise some of the best bits that I bought in March!

The first shop I bought from was Wagytail; I'd followed them on social media for quite a while and when they had another of their big sales I decided to place an order! I was quite restrained and didn't go too made for once and only bought a couple of "essentials" (I say that but I really didn't need two more harnesses - oops!)
I ordered two of the Puppia style vest harnesses, I'm constantly changing the one that Lily wears and these are a far more affordable option for growing puppies (or indecisive owners like me!) I ordered the Red Mesh harness and the Black Polka dot harness the sizing is similar to that of Puppia so I ordered the same size that I would with Puppia; small. The two harnesses I bought where £4.50 before the discount. They both feel well made and fit nicely, without rubbing. I tested the red harness on our latest beach walk and it still look strand new! :)
I also popped some bandanas into my order as I think they add a cute touch for photos, these where a bargain at £4 before discount.

The next thing I bought was another impulse buy that i've heard lots of good things about; WildWash dog shampoo. I bought the WildWash Shampoo for Deep Cleaning and Deodorising variety for Sev as he spends 99%of his time being either covered in St Bernard snot or just covered in mud! Which is not ideal for a show dog! There will be a separate post on this as due to Saturday being show day it means Friday = bath time!

And finally an old favourite that we had actually run out of! I've been using Pooch and Mutt products to over a year and a half now and always repurchase their Bionic Biotic and their treats. But after forgetting to visit their stand at crafts I had actually run out of their small bone shaped treats so decided now was the perfect time to spend my stash of Pooch Points resulting in 6 free tubes of Calm and Relaxed treats!

Thank you for reading,
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo