Saturday, 20 August 2016

Guru Full on Feast - Our First Impressions!

Earlier this summer Guru announced that they where going to release their first grain free recipe; Full On Feast, I couldn't wait! I always buy/feed Grain Free where possible so was really excited! The Dachshunds have previously tried Guru's original recipe "Surf & Turf" before and loved it (click here to read our post about it!).
This post is our first impressions of "Full on Feast", our full review will be posted on the Guru site - I will link it here once it's been posted! :-)

Firstly, one of the things that Guru is seriously good at is their packaging! I love the natural coordinating colours that they use, making each product standout without being in your face or too bright, I think I actually prefer the packaging on the Full on Feast's bag! (Please excuse the raggedy bag - Daisy cocker tried to her herself!)

Upon opening it, the dogs went mad! Even fussy Ava wanted it!
The new grain free recipe, Full on Feast is slightly different, containing Duck, Sea Fish and Vegetables whereas the original recipe, Surf and Turf is Beef, Sea Fish and Vegetables, the shape of the kibbles has stayed this same which I'm very glad about! The bigger pieces mean that the dachs actually have to chew their food rather than inhale it!
Possibly my favourite part of this is that Full on Feast is only 10% fat - as a fussy dachshund parent i'm constantly watching their weight and so many of the higher end dry foods have a ridiculous fat percentage! I can happily let my two enjoy their Guru without worrying about the fat levels!

If you're thinking about trying Guru you can buy a sample pack direct, I would completely recommend Guru, not only is their food brilliant but so is the whole idea behind it. and not forgetting the OG's - Lisa and Sam!

Thank you for reading,
Jaime & the dachshunds xo


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