Friday, 25 November 2016

Festive Biscuits & Treats!

This is the first instalment of the 2016 Christmas Gift Guide! I've got a few more instalments this year which is exciting! Which brings me onto this post; our favourite festive edibles!

Firstly we have two different advent calendars, being a multi dog household I've bought two as they're shared between the pack!
The Lily's Kitchen advent calendar is one of our Christmas staples, always beautifully illustrated and filled with yummy treats, Lily and Sev share one of these as usually there are a couple of biscuits each day which is perfect for mine to share. They retail at £9.95 and are currently on offer - use the code "xmastreat" when you order your calendar to get free delivery and a free packet of christmas treats! I have two of these this year, one for L&S and the other for Daisy

The next advent calendar i've ordered is one by Barney's Biscuit Boxes, I've reviewed one of their biscuit boxes previously and really liked the idea and love behind the company so placed an order for one of their Medium/Large Advent Calendars for Ava and Isla to share whilst I was at Discover Dogs in October, these are full of natural treats and benefit the charities that help with rescuing dogs from puppy farms - a definite bonus! These retail at £15.50 and are filled with branded, natural treats so definitely worth the money!

Next we have a wet food option from Lily's Kitchen; the "Three Bird Festive Feast" this is for Daisy as she doesn't have raw so this is a nice treat for her christmas dinner! As with all Lily's Kitchen products the packaging is adorable!

And now we have my treat selection! I like to give each dog their own packet of treats for christmas (hello crazy dog lady! ha!)
We have another offering from Lily's Kitchen, another festive staple for us! The "Fabulously Festive Biscuits for Dogs" the gang love these and really I should stock up! This years outer tube is designed to look like post box which is so cute! They retail at £3.95 for 100g (or free if you buy an advent calendar using the offer i mentioned above).

Next up we have two different festive goodies from Pooch and Mutt! I regularly buy their "Calm and Relaxed" treats which my two have before bed, so was excited at Discover Dogs to see that they had brought out tubes of "Christmas Dinner for Dogs" treats, I love the metallic packaging on these! (Which was ridiculously hard to photograph!) They retail for £3.50 a tube.

The next product from Pooch and Mutt isn't christmas flavour but still a fab christmas present! The stackable metal tins feature their three best selling dog treats, I really liked this and it'd make a fab present for a doggy friend! I can't find a link for these on their site, I believe you can also buy them in Tesco but I purchased them at Discover Dogs for £5.00.

The next instalments will be more exciting, but as I buy these each year anyway I thought you'd like to see it!

Thanks for reading!
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo